3 Tips for Avoiding Bad Breath

Let’s face it: nobody likes bad breath. It’s embarrassing, it makes us self-conscious, and it’s unpleasant for the people around us. It can bring an intimate situation to a grinding halt, and makes even casual interactions awkward by forcing people to give us a wide berth. Unfortunately, bad breath is just one of those things that we’re all going to have to experience from time to time, but there are a few tactics you can take to address it. Here’s how:

  • Stay hydrated. Bacteria thrives in a dry mouth which is a major contributor toward bad breath. Drinking lots of water washes away food particles and stimulates saliva which can keep your breath from becoming smelly.
  • Clean your Tongue. Brushing isn’t enough to keep bad breath at bay. You have to clean your tongue too. When you brush your teeth, simply brush your tongue too. Most toothbrushes have a tongue cleaner on the back that’s perfectly suited for the task.
  • Gargle with water. While brushing your teeth twice a day is the bare minimum amount that you should, most dentists agree that doing so after every meal is much more ideal. Still, unless you carry around a toothbrush (you could!) that might not be possible. Here’s one thing that you can do: gargle with water after a meal. It’ll help wash out lingering food particles that could lead to bad breath.

Of course, good dental hygiene is the key to avoiding bad breath. An experienced expert like Dr. Moeiz Koshki can help you maintain good oral health and keep bad breath causing bacteria at bay.