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This young professional presented to Dr. Koshki with front teeth that had been bonded several times over the years. His smile did not match his bubbly, outgoing personality.

Dr. Koshki worked with our patient in two visits to have porcelain crowns and veneers placed on his upper front, four central teeth. We agree with our patient that this smile is a winner!

This lovely young woman came to see Dr. Koshki as a new patient with her chief complaint being a broken and discolored tooth.

Her upper left lateral incisor (#10) had a root canal and bonding after facial trauma several years ago. The tooth had darkened and the bonding had broken.

Dr. Koshki restored the tooth with a full porcelain crown for durability and the best aesthetic result.

Our patient is delighted with her results and she told us: “Now I can smile again!”

Daniel F. came to see Dr. Koshki for a smile refresh of his upper teeth. With porcelain veneers and crowns, this handsome young man Is even more confident with his new smile!

Our patient is a woman in her early 30s who is getting married in 2 weeks. She had discolored teeth with discrepancies of tooth structure that made her embarrassed to smile fully.
Her teeth are healthy so veneers or crowns were not an option. A conservative approach really worked in her situation.

Dr. Sakamoto recommended that the patient first lighten her teeth with Zoom If-Office Teeth Whitening, which only takes around an hour of patient’s time.

We waited 10 days after the Zoom process, and Dr. Sakamoto provided “chairside bonding” to the front teeth by adding the proper structure and even coloration to the two lateral teeth, matching them to the two central teeth. This process also took around an hour to achieve these beautiful results.

The patient is very happy with her two visits in our office, and she plans on maintaining her healthy smile with regular visits to our office for cleanings and check-ups. She knows that her wedding pictures will always feature her confident, lovely smile.

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