Periodontics/Gum Disease

Periodontics to Treat Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is technically an infection in your soft gum tissues that surround and support your teeth. It is caused by different colonies of oral bacteria overwhelming your gum tissues in the form of plaque and tartar. When healthy, your gum tissues should fit tightly around the roots of your teeth, protecting them from oral bacteria. When gum disease strikes, however, the infection causes pockets to form between your teeth and gums as the tissues separate from your teeth roots.

Preventive checkups and cleanings, along with diligent oral hygiene, can help you prevent gum infection and disease, but if a problem does develop, you might not notice it on your own. During your routine visits, Dr. Koshki will carefully check for swelling, irritation, bleeding, and other indications of gum disease, and may recommend periodontic treatment to address them if symptoms are present.

Advanced Gum Disease

Treating gum disease promptly is important for many reasons. As the leading cause of adult tooth loss, the disease can wreak havoc with your dental health if not addressed. Severe gum disease (which involves rampant tissue inflammation) can also increase your risks of certain inflammation-related health issues, like heart disease and respiratory problems.

To treat gum disease, Dr. Koshki will first have to gauge the extent of your condition. For minor cases, or for instances of gingivitis (the precursor to gum disease), he may be able to prevent damage to your gums through deep periodontal cleaning. The procedure is more involved than a normal cleaning, and involves cleaning away plaque and tartar from underneath your gums. Also known as scaling and root planing, deep cleaning means debriding your teeth’s roots of plaque and tartar, then smoothing their surfaces to inhibit future plaque buildup.

Using our specially-calibrated, highly-advanced dental laser, Dr. Koshki can perform most periodontal cleanings with minimal discomfort and improved results. For more advanced cases of gum disease, Dr. Koshki can refer you to our in-house periodontal specialist for expert treatment.

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