Enjoy Lasting Prosthetic Support With Dental Implants

Using prosthetic dental work to restore your smile can have important benefit for your smile, and it can help you improve your oral health. If you want to make sure your restorative dental work leads to improvements that affect your daily life, you can ask your Santa Monica, CA dentist about dental implant support. Using dental implants to hold your prosthetic will give you more stability for biting and chewing, which can improve your dietary range, and make you more comfortable eating in public. Because modern prosthetic appliances can look remarkably similar to natural teeth, you can feel that your full smile is regained while you enjoy functional advantages! (more…)

What Can Be Done About Multiple Cosmetic Dental Problems?

How much work will it take to make real improvements to your smile when you want to correct several different problems? You may suspect that a truly remarkable improvement can demand several procedures if you want to address flaws with several teeth, or if you want to make improvements to their color and condition. Your Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office can provide more changes than you expect through a single cosmetic dental procedure. Porcelain veneers cover teeth, so that issues with discoloration, damage, and even poorly shaped and sized teeth can be addressed. Many people who receive veneers can walk out of treatment with the stunning smile they dreamed of showing off! (more…)

Preventing Troubles With Tooth Decay And Gum Disease

Are you doing a sufficient job of protecting your smile against oral health threats? With smart care, you can avoid problems with tooth decay and gum disease, and preserve your appearance. Failing to do so can lead to troubles that require restorative dental care, and put you at risk for complications. Your Santa Monica, CA dentist is able to help by providing routine exams. At these regular visits, you receive valuable preventive dental care. If your gums show signs of poor health, the appropriate countermeasures can be provided. With professional care, and better care at home, you can sustain your smile, and enjoy lasting oral health! (more…)

Using Clear Aligners To Make Impressive Orthodontic Changes

When a patient shows signs of needing orthodontic work, they may worry that the only way forward is to have metal braces placed on their teeth. Concerns around this traditional approach to orthodontic care often revolve around the way it will affect a person’s smile. After all, it is hard to miss the conspicuous bracket and wire braces running across their upper and lower teeth. Fortunately, modern orthodontic care does offer alternatives. Your Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office can provide you with care via Invisalign treatment, or with ClearCorrect aligners. Both use clear plastic aligners that are hard to see. They are also popular because they can be removed, and will not intrude when you eat, or clean your teeth. (more…)

Quiz: How Cosmetic Work Makes Smiles Better And Brighter

Cosmetic dental work may not address active oral health problems, but it can have a significant impact on a person’s life. With the right procedure, you can make impressive changes to your appearance, which can boost your confidence, and make a valuable improvement to your quality of life. Your dentist is able to provide many different services to treat esthetic concerns. You have the option of making your teeth brighter with a professional teeth whitening treatment. If you want to cover up other flaws, porcelain veneers and Lumineers are able to give you a natural-looking improvement that adds serious value to your appearance. If you feel unsure about what you should do to make your goal of showing off a better smile a reality, you can schedule an appointment to discuss possible treatment solutions with your dentist. (more…)

Providing Expert Care To Address A Persistent Tooth Pain

No one wants to have a persistent tooth pain intrude on their day. In addition to being distracting and uncomfortable, this unpleasant feeling can be alarming. What will it take to stop the pain? Will you need to see your dentist? If you have ongoing discomfort, you should bring it to your dentist’s attention. The cause of your discomfort could be a cavity that has caused an infection within your tooth. It could also be the consequence of untreated dental damage. When you schedule an appointment, your dentist will examine the problem, and provide the appropriate restorative dental treatment. Fortunately, modern dental fillings and dental crowns offer such life-like restorations that your appearance will not be affected by your dental work. (more…)

What Kind Of Restoration Do You Need For Your Cavity?

If you have a cavity, you need to undergo restorative dental work, as even the smallest cavity is more than your tooth can repair on its own. The amount of decay you suffer will impact how your dentist treats your tooth. If you have a problem caught in its early stages, you will be able to rely on support from a dental filling, which will fill in the area where decayed tissue had to be removed. This may not be a suitable approach if your tooth suffers too much damage. To offer more advanced protection, your dentist can place a dental crown. (more…)