Can My Fillings Look Natural?

natural fillings patient dentistWhen it comes to dental restorations, the desire for natural-looking results is a common concern for many patients. A filling is one of the most common type of dental restoration. White fillings, which include composite, ionomer, and ceramic options, are some of the most discreet, natural-looking fillings available. These materials have revolutionized the field of dentistry by offering not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing solutions for repairing damaged teeth. In today’s blog, your Santa Monica, CA, dental office will explore different ways to make your dental fillings look more natural. (more…)

Taking Your Pain Seriously With Root Canal Treatment

Santa Monica, CA, Root Canl

If you experience an ache in one of your teeth that will not go away after a day or so, let your dentist know! This condition is a common symptom of a dangerous infection. Without treatment, bacteria inside your pulp chamber can break away and enter the bloodstream, harming you further. By scheduling an emergency checkup, we can take an X-ray of your problem tooth to determine if foreign material is present. If so, we recommend a root canal to clear out the decaying material and prevent future reinfection. Because this treatment permanently alters the structure of your tooth, we design and place a dental crown to restore your smile.

At your Santa Monica, CA, dental office, we help renew patients’ smiles after experiencing a tooth infection. We are standing by, ready to assist you when you are in pain. By performing a root canal, we relieve the swelling of tissues that press against your sensitive dental nerve. The reduction of the body’s inflammatory process indicates that your healing is on the right track! In today’s blog, we explore regaining your comfort after toothaches. (more…)

Improve Your Smile With Invisalign®

Pink Background Santa Monica CAWhen your smile is affected by misalignment or malocclusion, it can really impact many areas of your life. You depend on your smile for every first impression and job interview, and if you struggle to look your best, these times may pass you by. If you have been looking for a solution, talk to your dentist about clear aligner therapy from Invisalign®.

At our dental office in Santa Monica, CA, we can help you to achieve a more attractive smile with a more private solution. Through the use of nearly invisible clear aligner trays, you can adjust your orthodontics while keeping your cosmetic dental process to yourself. Simply wear your trays throughout the day, and start to work on reaching your smile goal. As your alignment improves, you will swap your clear aligners with a new set, progressively moving closer to the desired location along your oral ridge. Stop struggling with your alignment and instead, reach out to a trusted dentist about your options!


A Smile Renewal With A Dental Crown

Pink Smiling Santa Monica CaHave you recently cracked or broken one of your existing natural teeth? When you experience an injury to your smile, take the time to talk with a trusted emergency dentist about your options in restoration. It is helpful to keep their name and phone number stored in your contacts should you ever need it. These situations happen, and you want to be prepared in the event that you need to renew your smile after injury or tooth decay

With our understanding team of emergency and restorative dental experts in Santa Monica, CA, you can find your way to a positive dental path with the placement of a gorgeous new porcelain dental crown. This method of renewal uses a sturdy cap made from advanced ceramic material to keep your remaining tooth structure secure moving forward. Crowns can be beneficial for those with cracked or broken teeth, and they are also a crucial part of the root canal treatment process. When you need some help keeping your smile safe, talk to our team quickly after your injury to find your renewal solution! (more…)