Why We Use Lasers During Periodontal Work

What can you gain from seeking care at a dental practice that provides a modern approach to your treatment? Your Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office is proud to offer work that looks remarkably lifelike, while also taking care to make your time in the dentist’s chair as comfortable as possible. One area where modern care can benefit you is in treatment for periodontal concerns. If you need care to address an issue with your gums, your dentist can use lasers to provide a better experience. This technology can ensure that you recover faster, while also limiting your bleeding. Using laser technology also means that the procedure is more precise, so the work you undergo is more closely focused on problem areas.  (more…)

How Much Trouble Can A Cracked Tooth Cause?

A cracked tooth can feel especially unfair when you think about the different risks facing your smile. You can exercise control over your potential for cavities by maintaining a smart daily dental care habit, and by seeing your Santa Monica, CA dentist for regular exams. Unfortunately, a cracked tooth can occur with little warning. You could bite into something that is harder than you realize, or experience a physical injury. Treating this issue is important, as your tooth could be at risk for infection, and you could have a harder time biting and chewing. Fortunately, your dentist is ready to help. If the crack is minor, you could find that cosmetic dental work is all that you need. However, if the damage is more consequential, more involved restorative dental work can be necessary. (more…)

Quiz: What Kind Of Cosmetic Dental Care Is Available To You?

Are you missing out on an opportunity to transform your smile? Your Santa Monica, CA dentist provides several cosmetic dental treatment options for a range of different issues. You can leave the dentist’s chair eager to show off improvements to the color of your teeth, their condition, or even their alignment! These changes can be made quickly – for instance, a teeth whitening treatment only makes one appointment necessary. You also have the option of restoring your appearance with veneers or Lumineers. If your concern is with crooked teeth, you can learn how an adjustment with clear aligners can have a big impact on the way you look, while avoiding the awkwardness of metal braces! (more…)

Porcelain Crowns Offer Protection, And Cosmetic Improvement

Restorative dental work involves addressing any issues that affect a tooth’s health, as well as care to make sure that tooth is protected. Porcelain dental crowns provide lasting support, but they also offer cosmetic benefits that you can look forward to. Your Santa Monica, CA dentist can have a custom, lifelike crown made for you when you need to restore a tooth due to damage, or from a cavity. In some cases, it can be necessary to put a crown on a tooth that is naturally undersized. Because your restoration will match the color, and texture, of surrounding enamel, it can be difficult for people to tell it apart from your natural teeth! (more…)

Keeping Watch For Signs Of Periodontal Disease

What does it take to make sure your smile is totally free of oral health trouble? Is the absence of pain the only sign you need that everything is okay? Should you check for visible symptoms of smile concerns? While some problems need your Santa Monica, CA dentist’s attention to identify, there are some issues with symptoms you can recognize. When it comes to your gum health, you can look for any signs that your periodontal tissues might be swollen, or reddening. If you notice that you tend to bleed after you clean your teeth, this can also be a sign something is wrong. Your dentist is able to provide help to restore your periodontal health when you are concerned that something might be wrong. (more…)

Teeth Stains Are Affecting How I Look – What Can I Do?

The measures you take to protect yourself against cavities may not help you fully protect your smile against teeth stains. It can be tough to fully prevent stains from accumulating. You can reduce your risks by limiting dark or color-rich items like coffee, red wine, and tea, but you can still see your teeth grow dull over an extended period of time. If you have attempted to use a store bought whitening product to help, you could feel let down by the quality of your results. Fortunately, you can talk to your Santa Monica, CA dentist about a professional teeth whitening treatment. A whitening procedure available through your dentist can remove stains that store bought products fail to remove.  (more…)

Taking A Close Look At Your Smile During Every Dental Exam

What kind of attention do you give your smile when you brush and floss your teeth? You can examine the color of your enamel, and look for signs of gum disease, but you may not realize when a small cavity has started to form. One reason you should keep up with regular dental exams is that your Santa Monica, CA dentist can recognize when something needs to be done about tooth decay. Each of your dental exams provide you with a careful review of your smile, along with a dental cleaning to remove harmful plaque and tartar. These visits can even involve an involved study of your teeth using advanced digital x-rays. (more…)