Addressing Tooth Loss During Smile Improvement Efforts

Sometimes, the way forward with cosmetic dental improvements will require work to restore your oral health. When it comes to tooth loss, the appropriate prosthetic dental work can improve your bite function, and help you sustain better oral health, while also giving you valued smile improvements. If you want to transform your smile, and currently have missing teeth, you can set up a meeting at our Santa Monica, CA dental office to learn what can be done for you. We can use dental implant-held restorations to replace teeth that have been lost, then discuss cosmetic dental treatment to make sure your natural teeth look their best. (more…)

How Long Can A Professional Whitening Treatment Take?

What do you want? A whiter smile! When do you want it? If you are like most people, you likely would prefer to see your results as soon as possible. If you have an important upcoming event on your calendar, you can be particularly pressed to complete a teeth whitening treatment with minimal delay. Our Santa Monica, CA dental practice welcomes individuals who are looking for a solution to dental discoloration. We can complete this cosmetic dental procedure in one appointment, and your results can be ready in as little as one hour! While this single treatment has offered many people all of the changes they could ask for, we should note that it is only one of several cosmetic services that we provide. (more…)

3 Smile Improvements Your Dentist Is Ready To Offer

With so many approaches to improving a person’s smile available, it should be clear that our Santa Monica, CA dental practice is able to address many different concerns. You might be surprised at how accessible cosmetic dental work really is, and how much good a single procedure is really able to do for you. At the conclusion of a procedure, you can walk away with teeth that look straighter, brighter, and healthier. In many cases, a person who has work done can walk away showing off ALL of these improvements! If you are unsure of what cosmetic work can offer you, or you are ready to make changes, scheduling a consultation can be an important first step towards your ideal smile! (more…)

Is A Misshapen Tooth Creating Trouble For Your Appearance?

When a person keeps their teeth in good health, they can generally show off a smile that appears uniform, and free of glaring troubles. However, this is not always the case. For some individuals, problems with a misshapen tooth, or misshapen teeth, can have a distracting effect on how they look, and hurt their confidence. Others can experience problems with tooth shape because of a conspicuous chip, or any other kind of damage that might alter the way their smile looks. Our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office is ready to meet with people who want to make cosmetic dental improvements if they are affected by misshapen teeth. When veneers are put in place, it is possible to permanently correct this problem, and make a significant improvement to the way someone looks! (more…)

Show Off A Better Smile By Using Clear Braces

Your teeth may be healthy, and you may have no problems with their whiteness, but you can still be bothered by your smile. Many people who are concerned about their appearance may have issues with poor dental alignment. More than just a cosmetic dental concern, poorly aligned teeth can also raise your risk for cavity problems, and interfere with your bite function. Despite their discomfort with the way they look, people sometimes hesitate to pursue orthodontic treatment because they just feel uncomfortable with braces. Fortunately, your Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help you by offering clear braces as an appearance-friendly alternative to traditional orthodontic appliances! (more…)

Why Should You Go With Lumineers For Cosmetic Work?

Why should you consider having Lumineers placed to address your concerns about your smile? These ultra-thin restorations are able to address many different problems. Like traditional veneers, these porcelain shells cover up flaws once placed on the front of your teeth. What makes Lumineers different is that they are even slimmer than traditional veneers. As a result, the amount of preparatory work needed is reduced, and in some cases, no work can be required at all. This is one of several approaches your Santa Monica, CA dentist can take when it comes to improving your smile. You can set up an appointment to discuss your ideal cosmetic dental improvements, and find out how close you are to a significantly improved smile! (more…)

Making Plans To Address Internal Tooth Discoloration

If you want to do something about teeth stains, you can see relatively minor improvements from a store bought whitening agent, or you can see more significant results from a professional whitening treatment. Your Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office is ready to help you take on troubles that affect your teeth connected to stains with a professional service that can make your enamel up to ten shades brighter. So what can you do about discoloration caused by something other than teeth stains? In the case your teeth are stained by an internal problem, you can discuss the placement of porcelain veneers to cover this issue. (more…)