Modern Orthodontic Care Can Easily Fit Into Your Daily Life

If you think orthodontic treatment is going to be inconvenient or uncomfortable, you can deprive yourself of exciting smile improvements. What you might not realize is just how easy it is for you to fit orthodontic treatment into your daily life…when you have the right appliance. At our Santa Monica, CA dental practice, patients can enjoy quality smile improvements by having your teeth adjusted with clear braces! By using Invisalign appliances or ClearCorrect removable braces to move your teeth, you can move teeth that are poorly spaced, or otherwise appear crooked. By fixing this problem, your smile can be more symmetrical and attractive. You can also enjoy some important oral health benefits that come from orthodontic improvements. (more…)

Identifying Solutions To Problems With Dental Wear And Tear

As the years pass, your teeth can begin showing signs of wear and tear that may have a noticeable effect on their appearance. While this can be common, it can be more severe if you have a history of teeth grinding, or if you often chew on hard surfaces like ice cubes. While some degree of wear and tear can be difficult to avoid, it can be addressed with cosmetic dental work. At our Santa Monica, CA dental office, you can see impressive smile improvements when you receive porcelain veneers. Veneers are effective at correcting problems with wear and tear, concerns about dental discoloration, and even issues with tooth size or alignment. (more…)

We Can Offer A Personalized Approach To Cosmetic Dental Care

One person’s concerns about their smile may be wildly different from the concerns you currently have about your appearance. With that in mind, it can be easy to understand why a general approach to cosmetic dental work would have limited appeal to patients! At our Santa Monica, CA dental practice, we want to understand your goals for smile improvement, and we want to help you by making those improvements as attainable as possible. After discussing what you would like to change through cosmetic treatment, we can recommend the appropriate treatment that best fits you, while also helping you complete treatment in the shortest time possible! (more…)

Is Your Oral Care Routine Leaving Teeth Stains Unaddressed?

Your goal every time you brush and floss your teeth should be to keep yourself safe against threats like tooth decay and gum disease. Oral bacteria pose a persistent threat, and a consistent routine can give you meaningful support in your aim to avoid restorative dental work. With that said, you can also expect to see your teeth remain attractive as you continue to fight the buildup of food debris and bacteria. Unfortunately, people sometimes struggle to maintain their appearance over time because stains build up on their enamel, even when they are effectively preventing cavities. At our Santa Monica, CA dental practice, we can greatly improve the color of your teeth with a same-day whitening procedure, and effectively remove those stains that your daily oral care practices are leaving behind. (more…)

Can I Enjoy A Smile Makeover From One Cosmetic Procedure?

As exciting as it might be to think about a smile makeover, you can be uncomfortable with the thought of a long or involved cosmetic dental treatment process. How long will it take you to see all of the smile improvements that you are interested in? At our Santa Monica, CA dental office, we can provide significant improvements after just one procedure for our patients interested in porcelain veneers. With your veneers, or with slimmer Lumineers, we can hide flaws while improving the shape, size, alignment, and color of teeth! Even people who feel that their teeth are significantly flawed can see meaningful results after just a single procedure. (more…)

Straightening Your Teeth Can Improve Smile Symmetry

The overall symmetry of your face can play a big role in how others perceive you. When you leave problems with poor dental alignment unresolved, your smile can significantly disrupt your appearance due to its asymmetrical look. At our Santa Monica, CA dental practice, we are prepared to help patients who want to do something about this problem, but feel self-conscious at the thought of wearing braces. We can recommend treatment with Invisalign appliances, or ClearCorrect aligners, to fix problems with poor alignment. Over time, these clear braces can gradually move teeth without attracting unwanted attention, ultimately helping you show off a lovely, symmetrical smile! (more…)

What Improvements Can You See After Receiving Veneers?

How excited should you be about having porcelain veneers put in place to cover up your smile flaws? Will this one procedure be enough to address all of your cosmetic concerns, or should you anticipate subsequent procedures? At our Santa Monica, CA dental office, we use veneers and remarkably thin Lumineers to make remarkable smile improvements possible. With this single procedure, a patient can come away from our practice with a smile that is brighter and more uniform, while also looking younger and healthier. Through careful planning, and the use of these custom restorations, we can provide you with an exciting smile makeover in as little as two dental visits! (more…)