Erase Your Stubborn Stains Professionally

Jacket Man Santa Monica CAIf you have been looking for a way to gently lift the stains from your enamel, you might be disappointed with the results from the supermarket. Your discoloration may remain after the use of whitening toothpastes and rinses, and the improper use over-the-counter systems may cause lasting damage to your enamel. When you need a treatment for your stained or discolored teeth, be sure to talk with a trusted oral health professional about your options in treatment.

With our team in Santa Monica, CA, you can whiten your smile with the help of a dentist in order to keep an eye on your enamel health throughout the process. We offer you two distinct forms of cosmetic improvement so that you have a solution that works with your timeline and comfort level. For some, at-home whitening can be a positive way to lift enamel stains, while others would prefer a single appointment in the office to eradicate those stubborn stains. Talk to your provider about all of your options in cosmetic dental treatment! (more…)

The Modern Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

Brazilian woman smiling on white backgroundWhat tools does your dentist employ to maintain your healthy smile? For a variety of concerns, we can provide a comfortable and effective experience with the aid of laser dentistry. The use of concentrated light energy can replace more invasive physical methods to enhance your treatment and aid in your recovery. This versatile technology can be used in many aspects of your dental care. From correcting the alignment of your jaw to restoring your gum health, we can help you address oral health problems that diminish the function and beauty of your smile. At your Santa Monica, CA dental practice, we use every option at our disposal to ensure the quality and care of your smile! (more…)

Positive Treatment For Your Gums

Mint Redhead Santa Monica CAWhen asked about your smile, the first thing you probably think about are your teeth. There are more areas of your mouth that require care, however, and if you are ignoring the health of your gums, you could be at serious risk of harm. If you have started to notice the early warning signs of periodontal disease, do not wait to seek treatment!

With help from Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA, you have the opportunity to keep the emphasis on the health of your whole mouth. From the initial phase of gingivitis to more extensive gum disease, we can help you to treat your condition and protect your smile. Take the time to come in for your seminannual checkup, and if your dentist recommends a thorough cleaning at and below the gumline, scaling and root planing is a form of treatment that is available to you. We also employ laser dentistry to help you achieve a cleaner set of gums! (more…)

Learn Your Dental Emergency Steps

Lavender Woman Santa Monica CAHave you taken the time to prepare yourself for a dental emergency? A cracked or broken tooth can happen to anyone at nearly any time, so it is helpful to learn some tips about how to handle these situations. You can also give yourself an advantage by locating your trusted emergency dentist, just in case you ever need them.

Speak with a member of our team at Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA quickly after you crack or break a tooth, as time is of the essence! Without the protection of full and healthy enamel, you are susceptible to an infection that can lead to a serious toothache and require another procedure. Also, if you fully lose a tooth, the possibility of repair is more likely with speedy dental care, so spend some time with us to learn about the initial steps after you experience an injury! (more…)

Finding A Solution With Dental Implants

Older Potter Santa Monica CAIf you have recently had a tooth extraction, or if you are facing the possibility of one in the near future, your prosthodontic replacement solution is a pivotal next step in your dental journey. Having a missing tooth can lead to anxiety and social discomfort, before any discussion of your smile’s functionality. The loss of a valuable part of your bite can also pose lasting issues with the health of your dentistry going forward, so speak with your team about your options.

One solution that is becoming more popular by the day is the placement of a new dental implant. This process uses a durable titanium rod to serve as a post for a permanent prosthetic tooth, which can be changed out for a larger solution, if you should lose more teeth in the future. An implant approach also builds its stability from an unparalleled connection to the jaw, unlike other appliance-based restorative treatments. Speak with your team at Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA and learn more about the ways that dental implants could help you to smile with pride! (more…)

Maintaining Your Natural Smile

White Shirt Guy Santa Monica CAThough you might know us through our work in dental restoration, we are also here for your needs in keeping your existing smile at a high quality. Prevention is one of the most helpful avenues for dentists, particularly in the case of your enamel. This hard material does not grow back like some other forms of human tissue, so it is vital to protect your teeth throughout your life. Keep your eye on your oral health through consistant visits with your dentist!

Here at Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA, we are here to help you to continue to smile with confidence. Keep your timeline tight with appointments every six months with a qualified dental health provider, who can bring their years of expertise to the table. Your regular maintenance centers around your semiannual checkup, so come in for your cleaning and examination! (more…)

Renewing Your Appearance With Veneers

Sweater Santa Monica CAThe cosmetic improvement of your smile can be a great way to restore your confidence. If you struggle with your daily appearance, take the time to speak with a qualified dental provider about your options. Enamel is the hard external surface of your tooth and its damage can leave you feeling embarrassed to open your mouth.

One helpful method of enamel revival is through a process known as veneers. These can be made from a few types of materials, but they are best known with a ceramic known as porcelain. At Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA, we offer porcelain veneers as a method of repair for chipped or broken teeth. This approach can also be beneficial for you if you are looking for a more beautiful and even smile. Even healthy mouths can see marked improvement with the use of this procedure. For a single repair to a full mouth of beautiful teeth, porcelain veneers could be the solution for you! (more…)