A Brighter Smile In A Flash

Curly Blue Santa Monica CAThe buildup of problem stains on your enamel can leave your teeth appearing yellowed or dull. Even some of the healthiest foods available can contribute to lasting discoloration of your smile. Over the course of years, the addition of new stains can continue to harm your appearance. While there are multiple over-the-counter options to help you to improve the shade of your enamel, there can be complications with them.

Look instead to a professional whitening procedure to keep a trained eye on the process. Harsh bleaching agents can contribute to dentin sensitivity by weakening your enamel. Know that you are approaching your situation with care with the help of Dr. Koshki at Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA. The proper approach can help you to smile brighter while maintaining the integrity of your enamel. Stay healthy with positive cosmetic dentistry with whitening that keeps your wellbeing in mind at all times! (more…)

Alignment Treatment For Daily Improvement

Blue BG SMCAOne of the most common dental concerns is smile alignment. Where your teeth rest on your oral ridge can have serious cosmetic and medical implications. Firstly, a smile with crooked teeth and gaps can pose as an unnecessary roadblock in your social and professional life. If there is an available solution to improve your look, why wait in seeking treatment?

Secondly, misalignment can lead to major dental concerns, particularly in the development of troublesome bacterial buildup. When the teeth overlap or crowd, they form areas that are difficult or practically impossible for you to clean. These tiny microorganisms produce acidic waste that leads to the loss of the durable outer surface of the tooth. Maximize your ability to keep your existing teeth safe from bacterial infection by placing them in their proper location in your mouth. We proudly offer Invisalign® therapy at Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA to help you improve your look. These slim aligners are nearly invisible and can revive your dental wellbeing! (more…)

Taking On Tooth Loss And Poor Gum Health

In the new year, many of us can look forward to a number of exciting challenges and opportunities. Individuals who struggle with poor gum health and tooth loss may need help in restoring their oral health in order to spend 2023 with a renewed smile. Our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office can help with this. We have an on-site periodontist who works with those individuals who suffer from more advanced gum disease that they need to control. Because this condition and tooth loss are often linked, we can work with you on completing a larger plan to completely restore your complete smile! (more…)

3 Roles Laser Tools Play In Smile Care

How will your dentist approach your smile care? For several issues, our Santa Monica, CA dental practice can actually improve your treatment experience by using laser technology! Doing so means offering treatments that are advanced as well as less invasive, making your experience more comfortable. This technology can be used to provide a surprising range of care. From cold sore treatments to work that improves bite health, we can help you take on issues that have affected your quality of life and well-being in the past. To provide further support, we also rely on advanced restorations that closely imitate healthy enamel to take care of teeth while helping you preserve a quality smile. (more…)

Paths To A More Symmetrical Smile

There are different reasons why people have less confidence than they would like in their smile. Unfortunately, even a seemingly minor problem can have the effect of making your smile look awkward because it interrupts your facial symmetry. Our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office understand how important this feature is, and we can work with you to carefully correct esthetic problems that take away from it. We can produce positive results and better smile symmetry in a short time while minimizing changes to your tooth structure. If your issue is with the way in which your teeth are aligned, we can recommend that you use a set of custom clear aligners to gradually move them into better positions. (more…)

How Porcelain Veneers Change Smiles

How will you look in holiday photos this year? Will you show off a bright, lovely smile, or will you hold back because of concerns about how you look? At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, we can take many different approaches to helping patients see changes to their appearance that they are excited to share with the world. One way we can do this is by providing treatment with porcelain veneers. With these carefully crafted and placed restorations, we can take on problems with discoloration, poor spacing, enamel wear and tear, and more to help you feel a true confidence boost. (more…)

Making Cosmetic Dentistry More Comfortable

There are many people who could enjoy exciting results from cosmetic dental work. What may surprise you is not just how much good the right treatment can do but how comfortable you are with the treatment options proposed to you. At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, we are able to recommend different services that take on flaws while minimizing changes to tooth structure. This can make it easier to move forward with a service that will have lasting benefits for your appearance and confidence levels. We should note that when it is necessary to do so, we are also ready to take on more significant issues while still providing positive results for your smile and oral health. (more…)