White Fillings

The Lifelike Beauty of White Fillings

When your tooth develops a cavity, or hole, the only way to treat it is to stop the infection and fill the cavity with a durable man-made material. For many patients, this means metal amalgam fillings that are strong, but contrast with the natural appearance of your teeth. With your smile’s appeal and your own self-confidence in mind, Dr. Koshki offers a number of alternatives to traditional metal amalgam fillings, all of which offer esthetically-pleasing results that blend in seamlessly with your smile.

White Filling Materials

Composite resin

Composite resin is made of acrylic particles, and is a popular, cost-effective solution for a number of dental issues. In some cosmetic cases, it can be used as a minor touchup for a blemished tooth. As a tooth filling, the resin replaces metal amalgam as a more attractive and more effective restoration. The resin can be bonded to your tooth’s structure for a more stable result, and does not cause harm to your healthy tooth structure.


Like composite resin, ionomer fillings are made from a mixture of biocompatible materials, including acrylic as well as finely-ground glass particles. Ionomer fillings release a small amount of fluoride to promote healthier, stronger tooth enamel, and are typically reserved for fillings that are closer to the gum line because they are slightly more fragile than composite fillings.


Ceramic, or porcelain, is the same material used for lifelike crowns and veneers/lumineers, and creates a more durable filling than ionomer. Ceramic fillings are tinted to match the color of your tooth, and also possess the same light-reflecting qualities as your natural tooth enamel.

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