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In our continuing efforts to provide the best that modern dentistry has to offer, Dr. Koshki and our staff are certified in the use of specially-calibrated soft-tissue lasers for more comfortable and effective dental treatment. The narrow beams of concentrated light-energy allow Dr. Koshki to remove, reshape, or heal soft oral tissues with significantly improved accuracy, efficiency, and comfort.

Benefits of Laser Dental Treatment

Laser dental treatment may help us uncover a partially-erupted wisdom tooth before its removal, or obtain small tissue samples for a biopsy procedure to detect potential issues like oral cancer. For cosmetic uses, we often use the soft-tissue laser for cosmetic gum lifts to reshape and uplift uneven gum tissues. The laser eliminates the need for a scalpel, and therefore the need for sutures after your procedure. The concentrated energy also cauterizes the tissue it passes over, minimizing bleeding and swelling, while speeding up the healing process.

Other Uses of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can also make a number of other treatments more comfortable and less time-consuming, including:

  • Debridement of plaque and tartar on your teeth and teeth roots
  • Minimizing inflammation and bleeding of the gums
  • Reducing periodontal pockets that result from gingivitis
  • More efficient periodontal cleaning (aka scaling and root planing)
  • The elimination of cold sores on and around the mouth

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