Root Canal Treatment

Saving Teeth with Root Canal Treatment

Infection, also known as tooth decay, is one of the most common threats to healthy teeth, and will progressively spread through a tooth’s structure until it is stopped and the tooth is treated. While mild to moderate decay can often be treated with a white filling, more severe cases may call for root canal treatment. The procedure involves removing infected tissues from the center, or pulp, of an infected tooth, then cleaning and sealing the tooth’s root canal(s). Root canal treatment not only restores the tooth’s health and strength, it also alleviates the intense discomfort that accompanies a severe tooth infection.

The Truth About Root Canals

A root canal is the chamber inside of a tooth’s root that carries the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues from the pulp and into your jawbone. When infection reaches the canal, or if the pulp is exposed due to tooth damage, then root canal treatment can remove the threat and stop the infection from spreading. If you hesitate, then tooth decay can destroy enough of your tooth to make saving it impossible, and you may need to resort to tooth extraction.

Before the procedure begins, Dr. Koshki will administer local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area. After the root canal treatment is completed and the infection is removed, Dr. Koshki may place a porcelain dental crown over the tooth for increased stability and protection.

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