3 Ways Drinking Water Can Help Your Teeth

3 ways drinking water can help your teethIt should be fairly common knowledge by now that drinking water is beneficial to your health. That being said, there are advantages to drinking water that are unique to your oral health, and those advantages can help you prevent dental troubles. Your habits throughout the day can have a real impact on the condition of your teeth, and your gums. Keeping up with good brushing and flossing habits can make a real impact, but your choices in regards to your diet, including what you drink, will also make a consequential difference. Attending regular checkups with your dentist is also important if you want to make sure your oral health is consistently in top form.

1. Helping To Avoid Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can make it harder to avoid cavities, and leave you more likely in need of restorative dental work. This is because your saliva is actually part of how your body defends your teeth. It can serve as a rinse for your mouth and eliminate debris, but it also provides minerals and calcium to your enamel.

2. Replacing Sugary Drinks

Sugar has a well-deserved reputation for being trouble for teeth. While consuming it in moderation can be fine, too much can help wear your teeth down to the point that you develop cavities. Replacing a soft drink, or another sugary drink, with water can be an easy strategy to reduce the sugar you intake.

3. A Possible Source Of Fluoride

Tap water sources with fluoride are doing more than just keeping you hydrated – that fluoride can help keep your enamel strong. This means making it less likely that the damage your teeth take from bacteria will result in a cavity.