Tooth Tips for Tiny Teeth


Taking care of a young child can be a challenging experience for new parents, and one that’s filled with obligations and responsibilities. When it comes tending to your child’s needs, thinking about their teeth might be one of the last things on a parent’s to do list. Many parents aren’t even sure when to take their kids in for a dental checkup for the first time, or when to start oral care. As an experienced practicing dentist in the Santa Monica area, Dr. Koshki has answers parents are looking for to help them care for new teeth.

The first thing to realize is that, although young children are likely not consuming solid foods or candy that could expose them to excess sugar, that they’re still at risk for developing decay and other dental issues. To help prevent this, start providing them with oral care as soon as their teeth begin to come in. For children under 2, use a wet toothbrush without toothpaste and do some gentle brushing. For children over 2, a soft children’s toothbrush with child toothpaste will suffice.

You should care for their teeth as often as you care for your own: twice a day at least. If you start introducing sugar treats like juice into their diets, just make sure you don’t let them go to bed with anything, but water in their bottle. And remember, there is no minimum tooth number your child has to have before they have their first dental visit. It’s definitely better to do it sooner than later. For more dental tips, and for treatment from a top surgical and cosmetic dentist, the dedicated team at Dr. Koshki’s Surgical & Cosmetic Dentistry is standing by with the expertise you needs.