A Good Dentist Can Protect More Than Just Teeth

good-dentistA recent article published by U.S. News and World Report stressed that good oral health could have tremendous benefits toward your overall health – something good dentists have known for years.

The most common link between your dental health and your overall health is the occurrence of periodontal (gum) disease. Studies have suggested that there is a link between gum disease and many serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, as well as your risk of a stroke. It’s also interesting to note that for many of these conditions, the effects go both ways. That is to say that those who have periodontal disease are more likely to get these conditions, and periodontal disease can also be a symptom of these conditions. This means that a good dentist can not only assist in the diagnosis of serious conditions, they can also help prevent them.

No longer is “I don’t care how my smile looks” a valid excuse for not going to the dentist. Anyone who cares about their life and long term overall health should always make dental care an important element of their preventative care regimen.