Address Spacing Flaws To Improve Your Smile

Teeth spacing issues can affect some people from childhood, though problems with teeth shifting can sometimes happen at a later date. The good news is that there are services that can help, including services that do not make conventional metal braces necessary. At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, we can recommend that patients with crooked, poorly spaced, or otherwise misaligned teeth rely on clear aligners for treatment. Invisalign clear aligners are custom-made appliances that move teeth into position so that your smile looks more symmetrical and attractive. In some cases, we can also hide spacing flaws with carefully placed custom veneers.

Are You Bothered By An Uneven, Awkward Smile?

The way you look can have a big impact on your confidence, and it can affect how others react to you. Poor teeth spacing affects many people, though their issues with this problem can vary. While one patient can come to us with concerns about misalignment that have always bothered them, others can have more recent concerns due to later teeth shifting, or problems with teeth moving after earlier orthodontic work. For many, the right solution will not call for metal braces. Instead, we can plan corrective work with Invisalign to put these problems behind you. With our digital imaging technology, we can take careful measurements of your teeth and bite structure to help you make the right corrections, and see the right improvements to enjoy a lasting cosmetic improvement!

Using Invisalign Treatment To Improve The Way You Look

Invisalign aligners are capable of gradually moving teeth into better positions so that they no longer cause you to have an uneven or awkward smile. Each appliance will take you a step closer to your goal of fully straightening your teeth. They carefully close gaps, even out awkward overlaps, and generally improve your facial symmetry. Throughout your treatment, you can feel relieved to have appliances that do not attract undesired attention, and are not in the way when you eat or clean your teeth.

Should I Use Veneers To Improve My Uneven Smile?

There are times when porcelain veneers can prove effective at fixing smile gaps, overlaps, and other alignment issues. These restorations are made for individual patients, and care is taken to ensure they are the right shape and size to provide desirable outcomes. When in place, they can hide issues with spacing that draw negative attention, just as they can take care of issues that you have with the color, condition, and overall look of teeth.

Talk To Your Santa Monica, CA Dentist About Invisalign

Through corrective work with Invisalign, we can help you take on problems with your smile that have left you with awkward gaps or overlaps between teeth. To find out more, please call Santa Monica Dental Arts today at 310-395-1261.