Are You Overlooking Signs Of Gum Disease?

A toothache can be an obvious sign something is wrong with your oral health – and the discomfort you experience can be a powerful motivator to see your dentist. Unfortunately, not every oral health problem will be this obvious. Gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, can be asymptomatic, meaning you will not feel pain. However, you can look for signs of poor periodontal health. You may have noticed your gum line receding, or the tissue can appear red or swollen. Catching these signs, and seeing your dentist for periodontal help, can ensure you avoid more advanced gum disease.

What Happens If Gum Disease Is Not Treated In Time?

Ignoring gum disease can have significant long-term ramifications. If you want to avoid tooth loss later in life, it is important to seek help for gingivitis. If your periodontal condition progresses, you can suffer from periodontitis, which can be managed, but not eliminated. People with periodontitis will lose support for teeth, which can require their extraction.

Preventive Care Can Help Your Teeth And Gums

The preventive dental services you enjoy through regular checkups can be vital to the lasting health of your smile. Patients who keep up with semiannual visits can experience fewer cavities, and are more likely to have cavities stopped early. Remember that each cavity does permanent harm – early intervention allows you to limit the ultimate harm tooth decay can inflict. If you ignore your need for checkups, you may not see your dentist until you have an obvious oral health problem, like a persistent toothache, that will call for a root canal treatment.