Can I Really Count On Clear Braces To Be Discreet?

If you want to properly address cosmetic problems created by crooked teeth, the right procedure can take time. You may worry that this means you will spend an extended period with your smile affected by conspicuous braces. Fortunately, it is possible to make improvements with discreet clear braces! These orthodontic appliances are made to be hard for others to observe, so you can wear them without worrying that they draw unwanted attention. Your Santa Monica, CA dentist can talk to you about using clear braces to improve your smile.

Clear Braces Can Improve Your Smile Without Intruding On Your Daily Life

Orthodontic improvement without noticeable orthodontic appliances is possible when you have clear aligners. You have options for how you would like to deal with the matter – you can have Invisalign aligners, or rely on ClearCorrect to make your adjustments. Both are made with your appearance in mind, meaning you can have them on without attracting attention. It is also possible for you to remove them when you need to eat, or when you clean your teeth, so they intrude less on your daily life.

The start of your treatment can actually be more comfortable than you expect, too. With an iTero digital scanner in the office, your dentist can take measurements and design your appliances with digital information. This means no need to bite into an uncomfortable plaster mold!

How Clear Braces Make Orthodontic Improvements

Clear braces use a series of aligners to gradually shift teeth, and steadily bring them closer and closer to where you ultimately want them to be. Metal braces can demand uncomfortable manual adjustments to bring about progress. With your sequence of aligners prepared for you, the process can be completed without these manual adjustments (though you should expect to see your dentist, who will chart your progress).

Correcting Your Dental Alignment Can Provide More Than Just A Change In How You Look

When you change your smile with orthodontic work, you can feel a big spike in your confidence, particularly your confidence when you smile. What you might not know is that your smile improvement is not the only benefit to this work. You can reduce your risk for jaw problems by making your bite more even, and you can make it easier to clean your teeth and avoid hard-to-remove buildups of plaque and tartar in spaces where teeth overlap.

Dr. Koshki Can Talk To You About Using Clear Braces To Address Poor Dental Alignment

If you want to learn more about clear braces, and how they can help you improve your smile, talk to Dr. Koshki! Patients who visit Dr. Koshki at Santa Monica Dental Arts can be excited to learn how he can help them make terrific changes to their appearance, and also improve their oral health. To set up your consultation, call Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA today at 310-395-1261.