Can Teeth Whitening Treatment Offer Long-Term Results?

If you want to do something about your dull, discolored teeth, it seems reasonable for you to want more than a short-term solution. Our Santa Monica, CA dental practice can take care of your smile through a one-visit teeth whitening treatment, which can end with you showing off a smile that is several shades brighter. By taking care of particles that have left your teeth discolored, and improving the color of your tooth structure, you can see a degree of difference in the way you look that can truly last. With that said, your behaviors after your whitening procedure can have an impact on the long-term value of your procedure. By making the right choices, you can enjoy long-term value from teeth whitening!

Why Teeth Stains Can Feel Hard To Avoid

Many popular foods and drinks can leave behind stains on a person’s teeth. You may have stains because of a dedicated coffee habit in the morning, or because of your tendency to drink tea in the afternoon. Because it is difficult to fully avoid the different foods and drinks that can stain a person’s smile, discoloration can slowly worsen over time, even if your daily oral care routine helps you prevent oral health troubles.

What To Expect From Your In-Office Whitening Procedure

After just one visit to our practice for a whitening procedure, you can see remarkable changes in the way you look. This treatment relies on advanced whitening agents that exceed the effectiveness of store bought products. To make the process more efficient, a special light can stimulate the effects of these agents. When the process is complete, you can be amazed at how much your smile is improved!

One thing to note is that some patients may benefit from something other than a teeth whitening treatment for their discoloration. If your dentist determines that your discoloration might be the result of internal issues, porcelain veneers may be recommended as a more effective alternative solution.

Tips To Help You Keep Your Teeth White

By regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, you can keep new particles from foods and drinks off of your enamel. With that said, you should try to cut back on those products you believe to be the reason you originally developed noticeable stains. If you currently smoke or use smokeless tobacco, quitting can help you avoid stains, and it can also lead to benefits for your oral health!

Talk To Dr. Koshki About Scheduling A Teeth Whitening Treatment

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