Changing Daily Behaviors Can Help Your Teeth

changing-daily-behaviors-can-help-your-teethWhat daily actions are affecting your teeth? You might point to your regular brushing and flossing actions, which is accurate – these habits do have real consequences for your oral health. That being said, you should also look to other issues, like your choice of beverages, or your typical diet. You can control the level of strain your teeth experience by making choices that have fewer adverse consequences. By making the right choices, you can prevent dental issues, and avoid the development of unsightly problems that call for cosmetic dental work.

Your Drink Choices Can Impact Your Smile’s Health And Appearance

Sugary drinks are often singled out for being a cavity risk. You should know that alcoholic beverages can also be trouble – over-consumption can lead to dehydration, and that can put you at more of a cavity risk. Dark beverages can make it more likely you will develop enamel stains that take a professional whitening treatment to eliminate.

Improving Your Oral Care Routine

Are you brushing twice a day? How much time do you spend on brushing? Does your daily oral care also consist of flossing? If you think critically about what you are doing to care for your teeth, you may find ways to make positive changes.

Other Bad Habits To Watch Out For

Grinding your teeth can damage them, and it can damage your jaw. In fact, a serious grinding problem could do enough harm to a tooth to require a dental crown. Tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco) have cosmetic consequences, but they can also lead to an increased risk for gum disease and oral cancer.