To Our Patients:

The Governor of California has designated dental offices to be providers of essential services. In the last few weeks, we have limited our hours to serve patients with emergencies only.

At this time, we believe the needs of our patients are best served keeping more regular hours and seeing patients as needed and requested beginning Tuesday, March 31. Please call (310) 395-1261 to schedule an appointment.

Our office uses every possible technique and guideline to ensure that our patients and staff remain healthy while in our office.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

– Drs. Koshki & Sakamoto


Chewing ice may be refreshing, but it can be risky to your teeth!

Are you an ice chewer? For whatever reason you’re satisfied by the cool crunch of ice, it can seriously damage your teeth.

chewing-ice-dr-koshkiTHEY WEREN’T BUILT FOR IT!

Your teeth are designed to last you a lifetime with proper care, but they were made for food only. Chewing ice, a habit your teeth were not built for, can cause a host of problems to your teeth. Fracture lines, cracking and chipping can all occur, which can make the teeth more sensitive and lead to further damage. In addition to your natural teeth, any dental work you may have is also subject to chipping and cracking that can lead to pain and costly repairs.

Ice chewing has also been linked to cases of anemia. If you find yourself constantly chewing ice, check with your physician to make sure there isn’t an underlying reason for your habit.


In the meantime, if you must have something to chew on, dentists recommend sticking to sugarfree gum. And leave the ice in the ice machine!


When we are anxious we might chew on pencils or pens, finger nails or straws. Chewing on these non-food items can also wear down or fracture teeth. Some of us remove plastic tags or loose threads by biting them. Some people have even used their teeth to unscrew bottle tops! Dr. Koshki reminds us to treat our teeth kindly; after all, we want them to last a lifetime. His best advice: Don’t use your precious teeth as tools!