Contacting Your Dentist For Emergency Dental Work

contacting your dentist for emergency dental workIf you see your dentist twice a year for checkups, and do your part at home to keep your teeth healthy, you should have little trouble defending against problems like cavities. Unfortunately, good karma when it comes to oral care will not stop an accident from happening. Emergency dental work can ensure that you receive prompt treatment if you suffer a tooth injury. You can receive quick treatment, and you can also receive information on how to best treat and store a knocked-out tooth or tooth fragment when you head to your dentist.

Ways Your Dentist Can Restore A Damaged Tooth

Your dentist will not know exactly what needs to be done for your tooth until you arrive. If the tooth appears to have internal damage, or the pulp has been exposed, a root canal treatment is likely. You should expect to receive a dental crown after treatment. For damage that is ultimately just cosmetic in nature, your dentist may recommend something like porcelain veneers. Veneers can effectively cover up damage, and can keep up their appearance for many years.

Replacing A Lost Tooth

You are more likely to lose your tooth to the effects of poor oral health – especially gum disease – than from an accident. Unfortunately, accidents still happen. If your tooth is not able to be re-inserted, a replacement can restore your smile. With a dental implant, you can have a replacement tooth that fits with your teeth without interfering with neighbors. The implant is also able to pick up on the function of the tooth root that you lost.