CoQ10 and Receding Gums

CoQ10If you’ve ever had a sensitive tooth or receding gums where the roots were beginning to become exposed, you know exactly how extraordinarily painful mouth problems can be. And if you’re a chronic sufferer, you’re probably ready to try just about anything to rid yourself of the pain. Gum disease can cover many problems, from swelling, redness, bleeding and pain to receding of the gums — all of which CoQ10 is said to be able to treat. So should you begin loading up on the CoQ10 supplements?

Unfortunately, for those looking for a quick fix, the answer is “possibly.” CoQ10, especially when paired with Vitamin C, may strengthen your gums [source:Cuneo]. This can be particularly beneficial for receding gums. Studies have also shown that people who have gum disease have low CoQ10 levels, leading to the conclusion that some CoQ10 supplements can help them in that case [source: University of Maryland Medical Center]. However, not enough widespread studies have been conducted yet to determine conclusively if CoQ10 supplements can help gum disease, so your best approach may be some CoQ10 treatment combined with an aggressive practical regimen of regular cleanings, thorough brushings, and routine flossing using proper techniques.