Dental Care to Lighten the Post-Halloween Blues


After the ghoulish good fun of Halloween is behind us each year, it’s understandable to feel a bit of a letdown. Every sugar rush must end at some point, and when it does, it can lead to a harsh crash and comedown. The post-Halloween blues can be rough, and they can be even worse if the candies and sweets you enjoyed on the big night start to eat away at your teeth and the beauty of your smile. Fortunately, Dr. Moeiz Koshki and his expert dental team have you covered with a number of procedures that will have you glad your smile is no longer covered up by a gruesome Halloween mask.

Dr. Koshki’s services include:

  • Dental Veneers – Consisting of thin, white porcelain, these can be placed right on your existing teeth. Veneers solve a number of issues like chipped, crooked or unevenly spaced teeth – so they’re a perfect solution for those who may have suffered a trick-or-treating injury on the big scary night.
  • Teeth Whitening – After a few too many Reese’s Pieces or sweet tarts, the bright white beauty of a smile can easily be obscured, but Zoom teeth whitening at our offices can brighten your teeth in less than an hour with only one simple procedure.
  • If Halloween sweets lead you to develop a cavity, white fillings from Dr. Koshki can have your mouth looking and feeling good as new before you know it!