Economic Fortune Telling: Dental Style

In an interesting and fun development for dental patients everywhere, a Businessweek article is currently making the rounds that claims accurate economic predictions can be made based on a variety of dental trends and statistics. The article states that these metrics have reliably predicted the state of the economy for the past seven years! Though here at offices of Dr. Koskhki, we’re more interested in continuing to provide our patients with topnotch treatment options than moonlighting as economic experts, we can’t deny these metrics are certainly interesting. Here are a few factors in play at your dentist office that Businessweek states reflect the state of our economy.


Rate of Patient Return

This one is fairly straight forward. Businessweek states that the amount of returning patients indicates the health of the economy. If patients continue to come back, times are good. If the rate starts to fall off, families may be tightening their wallets.
Rate of Supplemental Maintenance

A big part of quality dental care is supplemental maintenance. Treatments like X-rays, basic checkups, and hygiene appointments apparently begin to slide if the economy leans toward recession. People simply make the mistake of deciding they aren’t important.

Patients’ Ability to Pay on Time

Finally, Businessweek states that if dental patients are paying on time that the economy is in good shape. Interestingly enough, unlike other services, the rates of successful repayment seem to reflect the state of the economy more so in dentistry according to Businessweek.

No matter how the economy is doing, here at Dr. Koshki’s Surgical & Cosmetic Dentistry, we’d like to remind everyone that having healthy teeth, and access to good dental care is not a luxury. We all deserve topnotch treatment, and you’ll always be able to reach it at our practice!