Finding The Solution To Your Teeth Whitening Needs

finding-the-solution-to-your-teeth-whitening-needsWanting whiter teeth is common enough – many people will ask their dentist what options are available when it comes to correcting for tooth stains. You actually have two options – your dentist can perform your teeth whitening treatment, or you can do it yourself, with materials your dentist provides. In both scenarios, you can enjoy results that exceed what you can gain from depending on store-bought products. Unfortunately, not everyone has the kind of discoloration that these methods can solve. Alternative cosmetic dental procedures can help if you run into this problem.

You Can Whiten Your Teeth At Home, Or See Your Dentist

You can choose to take home the necessary materials to whiten your teeth yourself, or you can arrange an appointment where your dentist will whiten your teeth. In the office, your dentist can apply whitening gels to your teeth, then achieve full results in short order thanks to curing lights that speed up the effects of the gel. When you take home the tools to whiten your teeth yourself, your dentist can provide enough gel to re-apply later, in case your teeth begin to lose their new luster. You will also receive a special tray that helps ensure even application of the whitener.

Other Cosmetic Treatments That Lead To Whiter Teeth

For some patients, whitening agents are not the right answer to their discoloration problems. Intrinsic stains, which can develop from internal problems, call for a different approach. A set of porcelain veneers can make your smile look whiter, even when you are dealing with intrinsic discoloration. This is also effective if you need to correct other issues you have with how your teeth look.