FLOSS – So many choices, which should I use?

Although the array of flosses and flossing products can seem daunting, choosing dental floss does not have to be difficult.

You may be new to flossing or you may want to recommit to making daily flossing a part of your regular oral care routine. But no matter what reason you have for choosing dental floss, the most important point to remember is that the best floss for you is the floss that you will use every single day.

Results from a recent study published in the Journal of Periodontology showed that there was no difference in the plaque-removing ability of four different types of flossing products. In this study, 25 people were assigned to use four different products: an electric flosser, an unwaxed floss, a woven floss, and a shred-resistant floss. All four floss products showed significantly greater plaque removal compared with tooth brushing alone, and the electric flosser showed the highest average plaque reduction after one use.

Are you curious about electric flossers but worried about whether they are safe?

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry compared the safety and plaque-removing ability of an electric flosser and a standard dental floss. In this study, 78 people were assigned to use either a standard dental floss or an electric flosser. After 30 days of use, both groups had significantly less plaque on their teeth than before they began their daily flossing routines, and the electric flosser and the standard floss were equally effective at removing plaque. In addition, both flossing methods were found to be equally safe. No signs of trauma to the hard or soft tissues in the mouth were associated with using either product.

Since research shows that the electric flossers are as safe and effective as the standard floss, should you choose an electric flosser instead of one of the many types of standard floss? Many people can benefit from electric flossers, especially older adults who may have trouble manipulating floss with their fingers. Older children and teens may be more likely to use electric flossers than standard floss because they find them fun, especially if they like using electric toothbrushes.

If you’re uncertain about which type of floss is best for you or a member of your family, ask Dr. Koshki or his Team of hygienists for advice. Here are some points that might be helpful:

  • Large gaps between your teeth, or generally very easy to floss? We recommend  “Listerine GumCare” which is a woven floss.
  •  Not much space between your teeth? We recommend “Listerine Ultra Clean” which is a stretchy tape with micro-grooves.
  • Waterpik Aquarius and Sonicare AifFloss are both available for purchase  in our office for extra help. We provide individualized instructions on how to use these important tools. Invest in your good oral health!

Many patients ask Dr. Koshki “Do I really need to floss in between all of my teeth every single day?”

Dr. Koshki loves this question… his answer is given with a smile; “Certainly not! Only floss the teeth that you want to keep for your lifetime – forget about the rest, they’ll go away!”

Just remember that when it comes to dental floss, flossing every day is the most important choice you and your family can make.

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