Good Dental Hygiene Can Benefit Your Overall Health

Beyond protection against cavities, what are you really gaining from a consistent oral hygiene routine? The care you put into brushing and flossing your teeth helps you prevent plaque and tartar buildup, and it can defend your gums in addition to your teeth. You can also enjoy general health benefits from effective practices. Your Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office encourages patients to practice smart preventive dental care on a daily basis. We also offer support through exams and cleanings, as well as a range of services to help you if a problem impacts your oral health.

Could Your Oral Hygiene Routine Be More Effective?

When you brush and floss your teeth, you remove bacteria that can gather and multiply throughout a typical day. In addition to affect your teeth and periodontal tissues, bacteria can create additional concerns when they travel to different parts of your body. You can be more vulnerable to this movement if you experience a tooth infection or gum disease.

Your Periodontal Health Can Affect Your Overall Well-Being

Without proper preventive measures in place, you may allow bacteria to build up at the base of your teeth, which can lead to gingivitis. Improving your oral care routine after identifying signs of gingivitis can help you reverse the condition and protect yourself from further troubles. If the problem grows more serious, it can become difficult for you to manage without professional support. Gum disease at this stage can put you at risk for tooth loss. If bacteria that attack your gums enter your bloodstream, it can create further trouble for your health, or complicate your ability to manage other existing health troubles.

Protect Yourself From Problems With A Painful Tooth Infection

If you have never experienced problems with an infected tooth, you may not realize how much this problem can affect your quality of life. When a cavity forms, it can initially be treated with a dental filling. If the problem grows more serious, you can suffer from severe pain, or experience swelling around your tooth. Bacteria that make their way into your tooth can travel through its roots if no treatment is provided, leading to new problems. Once treated, an infected tooth can often be restored with a custom dental crown made from lifelike porcelain.

Santa Monica Dental Arts Offers Smile Care To The Santa Monica Community

At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, we want our patients to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair, and confident in the treatments they receive. We also want them to practice smart oral health habits at home in order to protect themselves against potential dental troubles. To find out more about our practice, please call Santa Monica Dental Arts at 310-395-1261.