Have A Full Smile Again With Implants

Santa Monica, CA , dentist offers implants

When you have lost your adult teeth, there is no third set to replace them naturally. However, there are prosthetic options available to fill the gaps. Santa Monica Dental Arts in California offers dental implants as one way to replace your missing pearly whites. This option will look natural and can replace the root of your tooth to promote a strong jawbone.

When You Lose A Tooth

Adult tooth loss can be caused by several factors. An accident can dislodge one of your pearly whites, or periodontal disease can weaken the gums and cause your teeth to come out over time. Regardless of the way it was lost, it is important to replace it before further damage can occur. Losing one of your pearly whites can cause the others to shift out of place, cause changes in your speech, make it difficult to chew food, and other problems. While there are several methods available to replace a tooth, implants can replace both the visible part and the root.

The Process Of Receiving An Implant

Prosthetic implants can be a months-long process, starting with a consultation. In order to receive this replacement, your gums must be in good health, and you must have a sturdy jawbone. During your consultation, your dentist will examine these areas to determine if you are a good candidate for this option. If not, other alternatives can be discussed. Then, measurements will be taken of your oral cavity to create the pieces of the prosthetic. The post will be inserted below the gumline. After this procedure, there will be a healing period to give the area time to fuse with the bone. This is an essential step that allows the implant to have stability. Then, the abutment piece and crown can be placed. Implants offer the benefit of looking lifelike as well as acting as a supportive structure. As a result, you can have a better time eating, talking, and smiling. Unlike other prosthetic options, you will not have to remove it to clean or care for it.

If You Have Gum Disease

Before having implants inserted, you must be in good oral health. Your gums must be healthy and able to support the prosthetic. If you have gingivitis or other stages of periodontal disease, you will first need to manage these symptoms through deep cleanings. Disregarding this infection can lead to your symptoms worsening, which can cause the gums to recede and may lead to bone loss.

Find Out If Implants Are Right For You

If you have missing teeth, you do not have to live with an incomplete smile. Schedule a consultation with Santa Monica Dental Arts in California at 310-395-1261. to find out if this prosthetic is right for you.