Incorporating Laser Treatment Into Your Dental Visit

How can lasers improve on your traditional dental experience? One area where lasers can be helpful is in the realm of preventive oral health care. Using lasers to remove worrying soft tissue, which can be biopsied, to check for potential worrying conditions like oral cancer. Your dentist can also use it to help with cosmetic treatment, and to prepare you for more involved work. Using lasers in dental procedures can mean more precise treatment, and faster healing. If you have any questions or concerns, your dentist can discuss how this modern treatment method can advance past the typical dental experience.

Using Laser Dentistry To Improve Your Oral Health Care

Lasers can be used to make your teeth and gums cleaner, and healthier. To protect you from future concerns, lasers can be used to safely remove plaque and tartar. They can also be used during a scaling/root planing, to help reverse gingivitis. The benefit of using lasers in treatments for periodontal issues is that they cause less bleeding, and you can actually heal more quickly from the treatment.

How Laser Treatment Can Offer Cosmetic Improvements

You might not think much about how your gums impact your smile, but uneven or excess tissue can be a problem for many patients. To help, your dentist can perform a gum contouring treatment that reshapes and reduces your periodontal tissue. This can help patients who have teeth that seem squat or “stubbed.” As with periodontal health care, cosmetic periodontal work with lasers means less bleeding, more precise work, and a shortened healing period.