Keeping Your Oral Health In Top Form

keeping your oral health in top formThe best form of oral care is preventing dental problems from occurring. A major component of maintaining a healthy mouth is staying on top of daily habits like brushing and flossing. You should also be sure to see your dentist regularly, for scheduled checkups. You should see your dentist two times each year for routine exams. Your oral health is about more than just your teeth, though – you should also ensure that your gums are healthy. If you notice problems with your teeth, or your gums, delaying treatment could allow problems to worsen.

Preventing Dental Problems

Your everyday choices can have a profound impact on how well you maintain your oral health. One area where you can control your risk is in your diet. Sugary foods and drinks can promote decay-causing activity with the bacteria in your mouth, and acidic items can directly tax your enamel. Drinking more water can actually help keep your mouth in better shape. You should also note that treating small problems can help you avoid big problems. If you want to avoid needing a root canal, regular checkups give your dentist the opportunity to spot smaller cavities as they are forming, and have the tooth restored by using a filling.

The Importance Of Periodontal Health

The health of your gums is important. You may not feel pain from gum disease, but it can cause several problems. The resulting gum recession can leave you more cavity-prone, and can hurt the quality of your smile. A periodontal cleaning can help clear up minor gum disease, but more serious cases can demand more involved treatment. With laser dentistry, the process of treating your gum disease can be less invasive, and more precise.