Maintain Your Smile With Routine Checkups

Blonde Woman Santa Monica CAHas it been a bit since the last time you were in the dental office for a cleaning and examination? Your semiannual checkups are a vital part of keeping your smile safe, so if you have been holding off on these appointments, use this as an opportunity to renew your focus. Most people require these visits every six months, but if you have certain factors, you may need an accelerated schedule of checkups.

If you are behind on your visits for cleaning and examinations, spend some time at our dental office in Santa Monica, CA. Your visit starts with a dedicated removal of your plaque and tartar accumulation on the surface of your teeth. This part of the process helps you to avoid common conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease, and it can also give you a fresher feeling smile. Alongside your cleaning, you will also receive a visual examination and any needed imagery in order to track any problem developments. Keep the emphasis on your oral health with a semiannual checkup!

Your Semiannual Checkup Includes A Cleaning Of The Surface Of Your Teeth

When you come into the office for a dental checkup, you will first receive a cleaning of your smile. Bacteria grow within your mouth, feeding upon the remnants of food left between brushings, and when they do, they leave behind waste. The initial form of biofilm that they produce is called plaque, and you might be familiar with this. This is what you brush off your teeth every morning!

If you leave plaque on the surface of your teeth, it can calcify into a harder material known as tartar. At this point, you will need the assistance of a trained dental health professional to safely remove your buildup. The cleaning during your checkup can help with your plaque and tartar accumulation.

An Examination Helps Your Dentist To Identify Concerns During Your Checkup

At your semiannual checkup, you will also have a full examination of your mouth. This part of your visit helps your provider to spot any problems that have started to develop, such as tooth decay or periodontal disease. This is the point where they will also gather the imagery that they need. A more consistent schedule of appointments means less time for these issues to grow, so be sure to stick to the guidelines that your dentist has given to you.

Schedule Your Next Semiannual Checkup With Our Team Today!

When it is time for you to come into the office for a cleaning and examination, reach out to our office. For more information or to schedule your next visit, give us a call at Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA at (310)395-1261!