Make Prevention A Priority When It Comes To Dental Care

make-prevention-a-priority-when-it-comes-to-dental-careAn active problem with your tooth should be a priority. If you delay restorative dental care, something like tooth decay can continue to worsen, meaning your treatment will be more involved, and more of your tooth will become infected. In between oral health issues, your focus should be on keeping your smile as healthy as possible. Be actively engaged with the condition of your teeth and gums. When you stay on top of preventive dental practices, you make it less likely you will find yourself needing work done to save a problem tooth.

Good Oral Health Is More Than A Question Of If You Have A Cavity

You should absolutely care about the condition of your teeth. That being said, your oral health encompasses more than just your teeth. Even if you do not put thought into the health of your gums, your dentist does. Whenever you go in for a routine visit, your dentist will study the health of your gums, and will be on the lookout for signs of a periodontal infection. Your regular oral maintenance – brushing and flossing – helps your gums as well as your teeth. When you put in the work to clean your teeth, your gums benefit.

If You Have A Problem, Have It Treated Promptly

When you do have a problem, it should be taken seriously. Once a portion of your tooth is lost to a cavity, it cannot be saved. Your dentist’s first job in cavity treatment is to remove every infected bit of your tooth. This means when you seek help sooner, you preserve more of your natural tooth. Quick treatment can mean it takes nothing more than a dental filling to restore your tooth.