Periodontal maintenance versus teeth cleaning…


Why am I not eligible for a prophylaxis? “I just want my regular teeth cleaning appointment.” Or “I don’t want to pay more out of pocket, doesn’t my insurance company know best?”

Your individualized Gum Care Program is a non –surgical approach to control periodontal disease. There is NO CURE for periodontal disease. It can only be managed or controlled.

The bacteria that causes periodontal disease begins to re-establish very soon after treatment. A 3-month RECARE visit is critically timed to disrupt this bacteria in pockets, in order to disable this destructive process at its critical stage. This critical stage is when the bacteria and their toxins do the most harm to the supporting structures, namely, the periodontal attachment.

For patients with history of adult periodontitis, supportive 3-month recare is not an option but a requirement for successful long-term management.*

Waiting longer than three months for recare may result in recurrence of active disease and inflammation, and may require anesthesia to eliminate discomfort when treating the inflamed sites. Your recare interval will be determined by your hygienist and dentist to best manage your oral health.

* According to the American Dental Association.