Planning Big Smile Improvements With Your Dentist

How much difference can cosmetic dental work really make to your smile? The answer differs for different people – while some people show off seemingly flawless smiles, others have several issues that could be addressed. You should know that your Santa Monica, CA dentist is able to address many different problems with your appearance through the right treatment. In fact, the changes that are possible can be made with less work than you might expect. During a consultation, you can describe how you would like your smile to look, and learn what your dentist can do to make those changes happen.

Working With Your Dentist To Address The Oral Health Issues That Affect You

If you have problems with your oral health that also affect your appearance, you can be happy to find that restorative dental work can be good for your smile. If you need treatment for cavities, dental fillings and dental crowns are able to imitate your tooth structure, so you have no concerns over your appearance after care. You can also count on dental crowns to restore the look, and the function, of damaged or misshapen teeth.

Using Cosmetic Dental Care To Improve The Way You Look When You Smile

You can still feel unhappy with your smile, even if there are no reasons to undergo restorative work. For people who feel let down by the color, shape, or size of their teeth, cosmetic work can bring about meaningful changes. You can feel a boost in your confidence after a teeth whitening treatment removes frustrating stains that store bought products have failed to remedy. If you are concerned about several flaws concerning the shape and size of teeth, porcelain veneers can hide these issues effectively. With this single procedure, you can see a remarkable difference in the quality of your smile!

What You Can Do To Make Sure Your Smile Improvements Last

After you undergo dental work to address smile concerns, your goals can shift from making improvements, to keeping up with your results. Your dentist can offer tips on taking better care of your teeth between visits, and provide you with thorough support at every routine dental exam. Through smart care, you can maintain the differences made by your restorative or cosmetic work.

Dr. Koshki Is Ready To Help You Make Big Smile Improvements

Individuals in and around Santa Monica, CA can look forward to big smile changes when they visit Santa Monica Dental Arts! Dr. Koshki can use his considerable skills and experience to make dramatic improvements to the health of your smile, and the way it looks! To arrange your consultation with Dr. Moeiz Koshki, call Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA today at 310-395-1261.