Quiz: Stopping Tooth Loss

quiz stopping tooth lossYou may think of tooth loss as something that happens because of an accident – for example, losing a tooth in a sports-related injury. What you might not realize is that a person is most likely to lose a tooth because of complications of gum disease. If poor periodontal health is not treated in a timely manner, the ensuing complications can cause tooth loss. Problems stemming from an advanced cavity can also lead to this. One reason regular checkups with your dentist do so much for your oral health is that these appointments provide your dentist with a chance to stop a problem before it becomes serious.

True Or False: Even At Its Worst, A Cavity Cannot Cause You To Lose A Tooth

False! An advanced cavity attacks the nerves inside a tooth, ultimately destroying it. If you wait too long for treatment, your dentist may have no choice but to extract a decaying tooth. However, an infection of the nerve tissue does not immediately make the tooth unsalvageable – your dentist can remove that infection by performing a root canal treatment.

True Or False: Laser Dentistry Can Be Used By Your Dentist To Treat Gum Disease

True! Lasers can be used to trim and contour gum tissue, as well as to close up any pockets created by gingivitis.

True Or False: Your Dentist Is Available If Emergency Dental Treatment Is Needed

True! If your tooth is lost or seriously damaged in an accident, your dentist is available to provide emergency treatment. By calling your dentist’s office in an emergency, you can schedule prompt treatment, and also receive informed information on how to care for the damaged tooth en route to your appointment.