Quiz: What It Can Take To Fully Treat A Cavity

Patients will come in for cavity care with teeth in different stages of decay. The level of damage that you have experienced will impact your dentist’s approach to restoring your tooth. If your cavity was caught in an earlier stage, you may only require a dental filling. However, as cavities continue to grow, your risk for complications will rise. Once a cavity starts to attack the interior of your tooth, your dentist will be required to perform a root canal treatment. The goal during any restorative work is the same in all cases. Your dentist needs to fully remove all decayed material, and will then have to provide you with a restoration to make sure that tooth is not functionally compromised.


True Or False: If a filling is not able to offer enough support for your tooth after a cavity is removed, your dentist will need to restore it with a dental crown.

True Or False: A root canal is not necessary if your cavity is treated before decay creates problems with the interior of your tooth.

True Or False: You will know the moment a cavity forms, because it will be uncomfortable almost immediately.


True! A crown offers more support than a filling, but will require modification of the tooth to make room for this restoration.

True! If you catch a cavity while decay is still only impacting your enamel, there is no reason why your dentist would have to perform a root canal treatment.

False! Small amounts of decay may go unnoticed by you, because you are not experiencing the discomfort you might expect from a cavity. Decay can create real issues with tooth pain and sensitivity when you develop problems with your pulp.

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