Quiz: Your Smile After Restorative Dental Work

quiz your smile after restorative dental workAn untreated cavity will continue to worsen until it causes your tooth irreparable harm. You may understand that restorative dental treatment is important, but you can still deal with lingering concerns about the treatment process itself, and your appearance after having work done. Your dentist’s first priority is making sure a tooth is completely free of decay, and enjoys enough support to be capable of biting and chewing. That being said, your dentist also recognizes that you will not want your smile to suffer because of a conspicuous restoration. The materials used to create dental fillings and dental crowns can be remarkably similar in appearance to your natural teeth, so the change to how you look is minimal.


True Or False: After a root canal treatment, you can request to have your tooth restored with a tooth filling if you do not want a dental crown.

True Or False: A dental crown made of porcelain can be life-like enough to blend in with your smile.

True Or False: Composite resin is used both for cosmetic work, and to create dental fillings.


False! To perform a root canal treatment, your dentist must access the interior of your tooth. To ensure your tooth is properly supported, a dental crown will be needed after your treatment.

True! Porcelain crowns are popular because they have an appearance that is so close to the look of a natural tooth.

True! A composite resin filling can be hard for a person to spot. The substance is also effective because it bonds with your enamel directly, so your tooth enjoys impressive support.