Receiving Clear Aligners Designed With Digital Technology

A modern approach to orthodontic work can allow you to enjoy the benefits of straight teeth without the hassles people often expect to experience with metal braces. At our Santa Monica, CA dental practice, we can provide you with a smile-friendly alternative to traditional braces in the form of clear aligners! We use Invisalign and ClearCorrect appliances to fix problems with frustrating smile gaps, overlaps, and other problems related to poor alignment. To make sure your aligners are ideally suited to making your improvements, we use digital technology to design your appliances. This technology makes your initial patient experience more pleasant, and it can yield remarkably accurate measurements.

Custom Clear Aligners Can Help You Fix Frustrating Alignment Problems

A problem with the alignment of your smile can make it hard for you to fully feel comfortable with how you look. If you have a gap, an awkward overlap, or a tooth that seems to stand out in your smile, you can resist smiling for photos, and you may even catch yourself unconsciously trying to “hide” your teeth when you speak with a new acquaintance. Clear aligners are capable of correcting these problems discreetly. You can wear your Invisalign or ClearCorrect appliances in social and professional settings without worrying that people can see them, and look forward to quality smile improvements!

What To Expect During Your Adjustment Experience

The goal in any cosmetic dental procedure is to help a person enjoy quality smile changes with minimal inconvenience. From your first appointment to begin treatment with clear aligners, we can make the process easier with our iTero digital scanner. This scanner removes the need for you to create a mold of your bite by sinking your teeth into an uncomfortable plaster material. With this equipment, we can take detailed information that is used to craft custom appliances that you wear. Throughout your adjustment experience, you can be impressed with how little clear braces interfere with your daily life. At times when you want to eat or clean your teeth, you can be particularly grateful for your ability to quickly and easily remove them!

We Can Help You Make Significant Smile Improvements!

In some cases, patients who want to see changes to their smile can go without orthodontic work. We can examine your smile and let you know if it is possible to correct gaps and overlaps with custom veneers. Veneer placement only requires two appointments, meaning this approach can offer faster results. Your veneers are also able to provide additional support, as they can hide discoloration, and problems with the shape of your teeth.

Talk To Dr. Koshki About Starting Treatment With Clear Aligners

At our Santa Monica, CA dental office, Dr. Koshki is prepared to help patients who are frustrated with the alignment of their smile! If you would like to learn more, or set up an appointment, call Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA today at 310-395-1261.