Regular Preventive Dental Checkups Protect Your Smile

Could you be doing more to protect your smile, and defend yourself against threats like tooth decay and gum disease? If you keep up with good daily habits, and take your time to carefully brush and floss your teeth, you can limit your cavity risk. Limiting the sugar in your diet can also be effective. However, it would be a mistake to act as though preventive dental care is entirely your job. With regular dental checkups, you can limit your risk for problems by receiving an expert cleaning from your hygienist, and a detailed review of your smile from your dentist. These visits make it possible to identify problems in earlier stages, limiting the effect they can have on your smile. Of course, because they also protect you from oral health threats, routine appointments will lower your risk for problems at all.

Regular Checkups Help You Avoid Problems With Your Oral Health

At every regular dental checkup, you will receive a careful cleaning of your teeth. Your hygienist can put time and attention towards those spaces that are difficult for you to properly reach. They can also remove tartar, a stubborn substance that will resist brushing and flossing attempts.

Your dentist protects you by taking a close look at your teeth, and alerting you to any signs of trouble. When you know how much of a risk you face from tooth decay and gum disease, it is easier to recognize the need to improve how you approach daily oral care.

Taking Steps To Improve Your Daily Preventive Dental Care

If you want to stay cavity-free, and protect your smile against gum disease, look for ways to improve your daily dental care. Make sure you clean your teeth at least twice a day, and take the time to floss – when you skip out on flossing, you afford plaque between teeth time to build up and harden into stubborn tartar.

Talk To Dr. Koshki About Scheduling Preventive Dental Checkups

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