Responding To A Dental Emergency

responding to a dental emergencyThere are different sorts of dental problems, and they can manifest in different ways. Tooth decay can start small, but it will continue to grow over time. A relatively simple restorative dental treatment may be viable when a cavity is first developing, but if you leave it enough time, it can demand a more involved treatment. A dental emergency can cause big issues with little to no warning at all, especially in the case of physical trauma. You can find yourself needing serious care for a tooth that was in perfect health earlier that day! If something jeopardizes your oral health, let your dentist know. They can work to set you up for an appointment as soon as possible – that includes same-day appointments.

Will Your Dentist Be Able To Save Your Tooth?

What happens to your tooth in an emergency will depend on the injury, and how soon you can seek treatment. In some cases, you may be fine with a dental crown. However, more serious dental trauma can have a greater impact, and cause more problems. If your dentist cannot save your tooth, prosthetic options are available to restore your smile.

Cosmetic Work Can Take Care Of Less Severe Dental Trauma

In the even dental trauma is mild, you may not need restorative work at all. However, physical damage may leave unsightly damage behind, and your dentist can treat it through cosmetic dental work. Chipped or cracked teeth can be restored with the application of porcelain veneers. The veneers are permanently placed, and can result in you having a flawless smile to show off.