Securing A Prosthetic With A Dental Implant

securing-a-prosthetic-with-a-dental-implantWhat can be done about tooth loss? There are several choices available to you if you want to close a gap in your smile caused by a missing tooth. Among your prosthetic dental options, dental implants can stand out for several reasons. Only dental implants offer prosthetic support that also benefits your jaw’s health. Implants also provide great stability – and that stability is not at the expense of neighboring teeth. Restoring your smile after losing teeth is important to your oral health, just as it is important to how you look.

How Does A Dental Implant Stay In Place?

A dental implant stays in place thanks in part to its being constructed of a biocompatible material. Once inserted into your jawbone (in the socket that once housed your lost tooth), the healing process will see your bone and the implant fuse. It provides the implant with remarkable stability, which means the dental crown that serves as your replacement will stay secure.

How Does A Dental Implant Support Your Jaw Health?

Why would a dental implant be of value to your jaw’s health? What makes the implant different from other dental prosthetic resources? The insertion into your jaw is important, because when you bite, chew, and speak, your replacement tooth will stimulate the implant, which will create stimulation in the surrounding jawbone. That stimulation signals that the jaw needs support, which will come in the form of nutrients that help keep the bone healthy. If you have no stimulation, there is never a trigger for nutrient replenishment, and that can lead to losing mass in your jaw.