Stop Your Tooth Pain With A Root Canal

Pink BG Man Santa Monica CAWhen you start to experience pain or discomfort within your mouth, take the time to talk with your dentist about what is going on with your smile. You may have an internal tooth infection that has begun to develop in the collection of soft tissue known as pulp. This situation can be a real problem for your smile (and your overall health), so be sure that you seek treatment quickly. That throbbing toothache is not likely to end on its own!

With our team of restorative dentistry experts in Santa Monica, CA, you can renew your smile after an internal tooth infection with root canal treatment. This procedure helps you to stop the painful toothache associated with this condition, while stopping the further spread of your bacterial growth. For a safer and more comfortable smile, talk to our team at Santa Monica Dental Arts about how a root canal treatment can help!

Talk To Your Dentist About Root Canal Treatment If You Notice Pain In Your Smile

When you start to experience discomfort or pain within your mouth, it is time to talk with a trained dental professional about what is happening inside your smile. You may have a bacterial infection that has made its way into the vulnerable soft tissue at the center of your tooth. This can happen as a result of injury or tooth decay, so if you know that you are at risk, talk to your provider about your options in restoration.

In an area where you have lost the coating of your natural enamel, bacteria can travel through the more porous material called dentin, which makes up the majority of your tooth. This infection can become seriously harmful to your dental and overall health. It may spread into the bone of your jaw or even into your bloodstream, so schedule an appointment to learn about how we can stop your infection from spreading further.

A Root Canal Treatment Can Help You Renew Your Smile And Stop Your Toothache

Bacterial infection within your tooth is a serious condition, and a root canal can help you to regain control over your dentistry. With a root canal treatment, your dentist will remove the infected soft tissue from within your tooth. This step helps you to rid yourself of the problem infection, as well at the nagging toothache. Afterward, you will receive a beautiful new dental crown to cap off your restoration!

Learn More About Root Canal Treatment With Dr. Koshki In Santa Monica

If your tooth has begun to hurt, talk to a helpful team of dental restoration experts about your options in repair. To learn more about the root canal treatment process, give us a call at Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA at (310)395-1261.