Stopping A Cavity Before You Need A Root Canal

stopping a cavity before you need a root canalIf your dentist determines that you need a root canal, you should know that this treatment can save you from losing your tooth. Without the proper treatment, a cavity can do enough damage to make your tooth unsalvageable. What you should know is that tooth decay will not always call for a root canal. If your dentist has the opportunity to intervene in time, you may only need a filling to restore your tooth. If you want to increase your odds of having a problem addressed in time, you should see your dentist for regular checkups.

A Root Canal Is Meant To Take Care Of Endodontic Problems

A root canal will be necessary if there is a problem with the living tissue housed in your pulp. In the course of a root canal, the pulp – the center area of your tooth – will be accessed, so your dentist can remove all infected tissue within. If there is nothing wrong with that material, then a root canal will not be called for.

Why The Size Of The Cavity Makes A Difference In How Your Tooth Is Treated

When the amount of material affected by a cavity is minimal, your tooth should be effectively supported by a filling. This is why early intervention is important. If you wait too long for treatment, you may lose too much of the tooth to decay. Even if you ultimately receive treatment before you need a root canal, you may need a dental crown to restore your tooth. A dental crown is used as a protective covering for a weakened or damaged tooth. The crown can be made so that it looks like a natural tooth, so your appearance is preserved.