The Fight Against Gum Disease

fight against gum diseaseStaying cavity-free is only part of your fight to sustain your oral health. You should also be on alert for problems with your gums. Advanced gum disease is most frequently the cause of tooth loss in adults, and it can do considerable damage to the bone and soft tissue around your tooth roots. It can also have consequences for your overall health. To prevent gum disease, you should keep up with brushing and flossing. These actions can destroy bacteria that could infiltrate your teeth below the gum line, and cause an infection. Routine checkups with your dentist are also important.

How Laser Dentistry Can Improve Your Periodontal Treatment

Laser-based dental treatments can make it easier to take care of problems with gum disease. It can make a procedure more precise, and also speed up your recovery rate. Laser dentistry can also make it easier to clean your teeth under the roots, which can help stop gum disease before it becomes serious.

How Gum Disease Can Upset Your General Well-Being

There is evidence that a person with diabetes can experience complications due to gum disease. A periodontal infection can also raise your heart disease risk. If you have a preexisting condition, it can be especially important to keep your gums healthy.

Tooth Loss Caused By Gum Disease

If a periodontal infection has caused you to suffer tooth loss, prosthetic dentistry can help you restore gaps in your smile. You can have your prosthetic tooth held in place by a dental implant. Your implant actually stays planted directly in your jawbone, which will fuse to the post. This can keep your prosthetic firmly in its proper place.