The Reality Of Root Canal Treatments

No one expects a patient to be happy about needing one, but a root canal treatment is important if you want to save your tooth from a serious threat. A root canal addresses internal tooth problems that can threaten your overall oral health, and put your tooth at risk of permanent harm. In many cases, a patient needs to undergo this treatment because they have a cavity that has burrowed into their pulp. However, physical damage can lead to the sort of internal issues that make it necessary, too. You should understand that without a root canal, you would lose the tooth in question, and face other complications.

A Root Canal Protects The Interior Of Your Tooth

The point of a root canal is to remove an infection that has taken hold within your tooth. When it is left untended, that infection can spread through the tooth root to your jaw, and will damage the tooth’s nerves, and “kill” it. By performing this procedure, your dentist ensures your oral health is protected, while allowing you to keep your tooth.

Restoring Your Tooth After Undergoing A Root Canal Treatment

After a root canal, your dentist can fit your tooth with a natural-looking dental crown. The crown does more than just improve the appearance of the treated tooth – it also provides support, and takes on biting and chewing pressures.

Preventive Care Can Lower Your Chances Of Needing A Root Canal

If you enjoy regular preventive dental care from routine checkups, you are less likely to endure a problem that reaches your tooth’s pulp. Your dentist looks for any signs of trouble at each appointment. If something is found, you can enjoy early restorative dental care, so the problem is stopped before it has a chance to grow serious.

Talk To Dr. Koshki About A Root Canal

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