The Teeth Whitening Strategy That Fits Your Needs

the teeth whitening strategy that fits your needsYour experience having your teeth whitened with your dentist’s help can lead to a dramatically improved smile. Many patients will benefit from a professional whitening treatment, which utilizes whitening agents to eliminate enamel stains. This can see your smile’s color improve by several shades, reversing the effects of discoloration that have built up over time. You actually have a choice between whitening your teeth at home, or relying on the Zoom! whitening system, which can be completed in a single treatment. However, if your discoloration stems from something other than enamel stains, a different cosmetic dental treatment may be required.

Why Knowing The Source Of Your Discoloration Matters

When you know the source of your smile’s discoloration, you can ensure you select the right treatment to improve your appearance. This is because intrinsic discoloration, which involves internal staining, can require a different form of care than extrinsic discoloration, stains that gather from outside sources. Your dentist can help you understand what treatment is best for you, so that you have the results you desire.

Relying On Veneers Or Lumineers For Your Whitening Needs

If you have intrinsic discoloration, or you want to do more than just improve the color of your teeth, porcelain veneers can benefit you. You have options when it comes to veneers. You can choose standard veneers, or you can have Lumineers. Lumineers are made of porcelain, but they are slimmer, and require less preparatory work for your teeth to accommodate them. During a consultation, your dentist can help you choose between these two options.