Use A Root Canal To Put A Stop To Tooth Pain

use-a-root-canal-to-put-a-stop-to-tooth-painTooth pain can intrude on your day, make it hard to eat and speak, and be a generally unpleasant experience. It can also be a sign that your tooth needs attention and care from your dentist. A cavity can pass through the surface of your tooth and enter the pulp. Once this happens, bacteria can infect the living tissue in your tooth, and create discomfort. Your dentist can remove the infection by performing a root canal on your tooth. Without this treatment, an infection can continue to grow in severity, and you could lose your tooth. The bacteria can also spread to your jaw bone through the tooth’s root, and cause more problems for your health.

Why A Serious Cavity Is A Serious Threat To Your Tooth

Once a cavity reaches your tooth’s pulp, the tooth’s living tissue can come under attack. This can be painful, and it can eventually cause irreversible damage to your tooth. After performing a root canal, your tooth will need to be fitted with a dental crown, to protect and support it.

Early Cavity Detection Can Help You Avoid A Root Canal

Make sure you see your dentist for regular checkups – it could spare you from needing a root canal. This is because your dentist takes time at each visit to seek out evidence of damage or decay on your teeth. If something is found, you can have it treated before it ends up being a serious problem. After the treatment of a small cavity, your tooth should be effectively returned to normal after a dental filling has been placed, to address what was lost.