Ways Your Dentist Can Restore Your Smile

ways your dentist can restore your smileWhen you have an issue with your oral health, your dentist can do the necessary restorative work to eliminate the problem. It is important to note that problems with your teeth and gums can often only be solved with a professional procedure, and that putting off treatment can grant an issue time to worsen. As common as they may be, cavities are not a minor concern. If caught in time, they can be removed before too much of your tooth is affected. However, eventually a cavity will kill your tooth if it is not addressed. Gum disease can also wreak real havoc on your oral health if you do not respond in time. One way to ensure that a problem does not have time to become severe is to make regular dental checkups a priority.

Fixing A Cavity With A Discreet Treatment

The size and severity of your cavity will dictate what needs to be done to fix your tooth. A dental filling with composite resin can replace lost material after a small cavity. However, a larger cavity may do enough harm to make a dental crown necessary.

Restoring A Smile With A Missing Teeth

Replacing a lost tooth can benefit your appearance, but there are health reasons to make the fix, too. Having a missing tooth can make you more likely to lose other teeth. It can also make chewing and talking difficult; over time, that discomfort can lead to frequent jaw pains.

Taking Care Of Gum Disease

Advanced gum disease is the most common cause for adult tooth loss, and treatment at this stage can be difficult. If you notice signs of trouble with your gums, you should seek periodontal treatment sooner, not later.