Welcome to our blog!

It’s Springtime 2014 – just the right time to start a new blog here at Dr. Koshki’s place on the internet. Come here to read about what’s happening in our practice and with dentistry in general. Dr. Koshki welcomes an open dialogue between himself, his staff and his patients. We invite you to visit here often as well as our Facebook page Let us know your thoughts – we’d love to hear your opinion on what we have to say. Let’s all work together to stay informed and interested in excellent oral health; after all, we only have to worry about the teeth we want to keep!

We want to maximize your dental benefits …

Dr. Koshki is a preferred provider, or in-network provider for most dental insurance plans. The greatest benefit our patients receive from having dental coverage is greatly reduced fees for most procedures. Please keep in mind that dental coverage is determined by a set contract negotiated between your employer and the insurance company. Dr. Koshki has no involvement in setting the fees, which are often 50% less than his already fair fees. Also, the specific contracts have limitations and restrictions which have become near labyrinth like in their complexity. To help us help you get every dollar of benefit you signed up for, let us know as soon as you have a change in dental coverage; do not wait until you come in to see us. We pride ourselves on providing accurate fee estimates for your services, and being prepared with your dental coverage information can ensure this process. Unsure of your benefits with your plan? Just give us a call and let us help.

Dr. Koshki excels in cosmetic dentistry….

Many of our patients have seen Dr. Koshki and Team for exams, teeth cleaning, fillings and other small restorative needs. What you might not know is that Dr. Koshki has the training, experience and passion to completely restore your smile! From porcelain veneers on front teeth to replace old cracked and discolored fillings, to implants which can replace missing teeth or ill fitting partials or dentures – Dr. Koshki can make it happen.

Does it really make any difference if I use a special tooth brush….

Good question and yes! For brushing teeth to be very effective we need to be employing the proper technique for an adequate amount of time. Along with flossing, this ensures that we are getting every nook and cranny of our teeth and gums free of bio-film and debris. Data shows that most adults brush once or twice a day for about 20 seconds. The ADA tells us that if we are not brushing for at least 2 full minutes at least twice a day, we are not coming close to being effective at brushing our teeth. Dr. Koshki and his hygienists recommend Sonicare tooth brush systems. We are proud to offer the Sonicare DiamondClean and Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Plus tooth brush systems for purchase in our office. With these sleekly designed brushes you will get 32,000 strokes per minute to clean your teeth and caress your gums. Your teeth will feel smooth and look bright, which the manufacturer guarantees. Our hygienists tell us that they have seen a remarkable difference in gum health with those of our patients who have switched to Sonicare tooth brushes.

How about the cost? …. Not only are our prices below that of any retailer, but we offer you a personal guide to discover which system is best for you and we explain in detail how to use and care for your brush. If any manufacturer’s rebate is available, we have it, and our office will be happy to mail it in for you. Want more information about Sonicare? Just contact us with your questions via the form on our contact page.

Did you know that our office is a comprehensive dental care center…..

From time to time some people have dental needs that require special attention such as root canals, implant placement, gum surgery and surgical extractions. Dr. Koshki is trained and licensed to perform all dental procedures. He does perform root canals, extractions and implant placements; however, there are certain circumstances that call for treatment to be provided by specialists in their field. Dr. Koshki wants to ensure your ultimate comfort by having a Board Certified Endodontic Specialist, Edon Hirt, D.D.S, available in our practice at least once a month for root canal treatment. Dr. Hirt is meticulous in his assessment for treatment and uses a microscope to guide him in his therapies. Moshe Benarroch, D.M.D. brings his expert surgical periodontal services to our office at least once a month providing gum surgery, extractions, implant placement and gum tissue grafting.

Our patients really enjoy the convenience of seeing these fine specialists right here in our office, where costs are controlled and insurance is still taken care of in the prompt and efficient way that they have grown accustomed to. Of course, if any of our patients have an urgent or emergency issue, we have an excellent group of Oral Surgeons, Endodontists and Periodontists standing by to see our patients as soon as the same day.