What Kind Of Restoration Do You Need For Your Cavity?

If you have a cavity, you need to undergo restorative dental work, as even the smallest cavity is more than your tooth can repair on its own. The amount of decay you suffer will impact how your dentist treats your tooth. If you have a problem caught in its early stages, you will be able to rely on support from a dental filling, which will fill in the area where decayed tissue had to be removed. This may not be a suitable approach if your tooth suffers too much damage. To offer more advanced protection, your dentist can place a dental crown.

Delaying Care Can Lead To More Damage From A Cavity

Waiting to treat a cavity means suffering more damage to your tooth, which means you will incur more permanent damage. Eventually, decay will open up a cavity large enough to leave your pulp exposed. At this point, you are vulnerable to a bacterial infection of the tooth’s living tissues, which can create serious troubles. In order to stop decay from spreading further, your dentist will need to perform a root canal. Your dentist can then protect that tooth by fitting it with a dental crown.

The Relationship Between Your Oral Health And Regular Dental Exams

How do you know when you have a cavity? If you have advanced decay, the discomfort you feel can be hard to ignore. That being said, a smaller cavity can potentially slip past your detection. This is one of the reasons patients are told to keep up with regular dental exams. Your dentist will be able to take a look at your teeth on a routine basis, so any problems that form in between appointments will be swiftly dealt with.

Count On A Quality Restoration At Santa Monica Dental Arts

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