What Makes A Dental Filling Discreet?

what-makes-a-dental-filling-discreetWhen you need a dental filling, you may expect to receive a conspicuous restoration. However, thanks to composite resin, your dentist can ensure that your filling is discreet, and does not disrupt the appearance of your tooth. Composite resin can take on the appearance of your enamel. When your dentist prepares to craft a filling, they can ensure the color matches your tooth. This means that you can leave a cavity treatment with the confidence that comes from knowing your smile is still in good condition. It is important to remember that you should not delay in seeking help for a cavity. If you wait to have the matter addressed, it can become more severe.

Having A Tooth Restored After A Cavity

The first step in a cavity treatment is for your dentist to completely take away any area of your enamel affected by tooth decay. Unfortunately, they are not able to reverse the effects of damage, so this material is permanently lost. After this takes place, your dentist can “fill” in the affected area by producing your composite resin filling.

Your Cavity Can Become More Severe If It Is Not Stopped In Time

Waiting to take care of a cavity leaves you open to suffering a more severe issue. Given enough time, tooth decay can work its way to the interior of your tooth, and infiltrate your pulp. This can leave you in pain, as your tooth’s living tissue can develop an infection. If you had sought treatment before this, you could have avoided this discomfort. Once bacteria find their way to your pulp, a root canal treatment will be needed.