What To Expect From A Cavity Treatment

what to expect from a cavity treatmentSo you have a cavity – what comes next? The treatment administered for a cavity will depend on the severity of the cavity, which typically depends on how long the cavity has had to progress on your tooth. At the outset, a cavity forms on your enamel. This decay occurs because bacteria in your mouth secrete acids when they break down sugars left on your teeth. If it is not stopped at your enamel, it will continue to spread until it reaches the center of your tooth, the pulp.

Will You Need A Filling, Or A Crown?

If your cavity is treated while it still only affects your enamel, you have a good chance of only needing a filling. Your dentist will remove the infected portion of your tooth, and use a filling to restore what was removed. Your filling can consist of one of several life-like and durable materials. If your tooth loses too much material to be restored with a filling, you will need a dental crown to cover it. A dental crown is commonly provided for a tooth after a root canal treatment.

A Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Tooth

You may be apprehensive if you are informed you need a root canal treatment, but it can be vital to your tooth, and to your overall oral health. A root canal treatment is a procedure where your dentist accesses the pulp of your tooth, and removes infected tissue. This stops a cavity from continuing to spread through your tooth root, and causing additional health problems. This can also save your tooth from being so badly damaged by a cavity that it has to be extracted.