What Treatment Options Help Patients With Chipped Teeth?

A chipped tooth may still be healthy enough to absorb pressure when you bite and chew. Of course, even if you have no reasons to worry about the oral health impact of damage, the visible change caused by that harm can make you uneasy. At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, we can talk with you about cosmetic dental procedures that effectively hide damages. Custom porcelain veneers require little preparatory work and only occupy a small amount of space on a tooth. Despite this, they able to provide impressive, long-lasting cosmetic changes. We can talk to you about the benefits of using porcelain veneers to restore teeth, or we can look into whether your chipped tooth might be in need of restorative dental work.

Even Minor Harm To Your Teeth Can Be A Concern

A small amount of damage to your tooth structure can put an end to your smile symmetry, and it can leave you with a flaw that is hard for others to overlook. A chipped tooth may still be healthy enough to bite and chew with, but it can still make you understandably anxious. One thing to be careful about is assuming that your tooth is still in good health. A tooth that seems fine may be more vulnerable than you expect – without the appropriate treatment, that chip can lead to more damage.

Using Veneers To Restore Chipped Teeth

Porcelain veneers restore teeth that look damaged, misshapen, or discolored by covering their front surfaces. Because veneers only occupy this area, minimal preparatory work has to take place to make room for them. These cosmetic restorations are designed only after teeth is carefully measured, in order to make sure that they fit properly. Once they are ready, you can return to your dentist’s office to have them placed. With Lumineers, we can actually limit preparatory work, or even move forward without it, as these restorations are slimmer than their traditional counterparts.

Why Damages Sometimes Call For Treatment With Dental Crowns

It is important that you are able to bite and chew with an injured tooth. This matters because your bite function depends on contributions from all of your teeth – having one that you cannot put pressure on can lead to problems. If your tooth’s health is compromised by your injury, we may have to use a dental crown instead of a veneer. While crowns require more preparatory work, they completely cover teeth and protect them against damage when you bite down.

Talk To Your Santa Monica, CA Dentist’s Office About Treatment For Chipped Teeth

Our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help if you need to do something about a chipped tooth! When appropriate, we can make positive changes with porcelain veneers, or if necessary we can move forward with the placement of a dental crown. To find out more, call Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA today at 310-395-1261.