Why Gum Disease Deserves Your Dentist’s Attention

why-gum-disease-deserves-your-dentists-attentionDental pain can be hard to ignore – if a tooth becomes too painful, or too sensitive, it could be hard to keep you away from your dentist. However, it is worth remembering that you should see your dentist for more than just an active, painful problem. Gum disease can be a serious problem, even if it does not cause you pain. Gum disease is the main cause for adult tooth loss, and it can cause real havoc with oral structures, and your periodontal tissue, if it is not addressed. When you spot signs that your gums are unhealthy (watch out for bad breath, a tendency to bleed, or redness and swelling of the tissue) seek treatment.

Gum Disease Worsens Over Time

It is far easier to address gum disease in its early stages than in its advanced form, periodontitis. As your condition worsens, the consequences of gum disease also become more severe. You can suffer serious gum recession, and lose dental support. You can even lose teeth!

Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

No condition causes more tooth loss than gum disease. That means it is a bigger threat than tooth decay or physical injury. If you have already suffered tooth loss because of a periodontal infection, talk to your dentist about replacing what was lost with the aid of a dental implant.

How Laser Dentistry Can Change Periodontal Treatment

Laser dentistry makes it possible to use advanced techniques to tend to a periodontal infection. These methods can allow for faster recovery, and make the treatment more precise.